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The Timney replacement trigger for the Browning X-Bolt rifle is single stage trigger with a pull weight adjustment from 1 ½ - 4 pounds.  The Timney replacement trigger does not lock the bolt.

The newest addition to the Customer Choice series of Timney Triggers is finally here. The Timney replacement trigger for the Browning X-Bolt rifle is the latest in the Timney featherweight model featuring a pull weight that is factory calibrated for an 3 pound weight of pull.  The Timney Browning X-Bolt Trigger is fully adjustable for Sear Engagement (Creep), over travel (Follow through) and pull weight.

The Timney Browning X-Bolt Trigger was tested on numerous models of Browning X-bolt to ensure the proper fit and ease of installation on all models. 

Timney Triggers is dedicated to ensuring our customers a lifetime of hassle-free shooting enjoyment.  That is evident in the last step of the manufacturing process, when each trigger is hand assembled, tested, and calibrated for the specific rifle model it is intended for before it’s delivered to the customer’s door.  Timney Triggers is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all their products and each trigger is proudly Made in the USA.

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Missing overtravel screw

By John H. on Sep 26, 2020
My latest Timney trigger arrived from Graf & Sons promptly, but on opening the package, I discovered that it was missing its overtravel screw.

ALL of my bolt action rifles for which there's a Timney replacement trigger get the Timney trigger upgrade. They're fantastic triggers, and I'll keep buying them.

In this instance, Timney cheerfully offered to send out a replacement overtravel screw.

But here's the problem:

1. The lack of an overtravel screw has delayed the installation of this trigger by fully a week, now. So there's THAT aggravation.

2. The absence of the overtravel screw in a "new in package" trigger points to a lack of quality control at Timney, which makes one wonder "in what other areas of quality control is Timney 'coming up short'"??

At the risk of making a big deal about it, I can't think of a product with more serious possible consequences of defects. I'm honestly disappointed. This is SUPPOSED to be a premium product, an expensive "upgrade", and it IS a firearm trigger after all. Maximum attention to detail is required.

Now, the safety and reliability of this trigger is suddenly in question

In the end, all may be well once I install the replacement screw. . And the reasonable perspective might be, "Hey, it's just a missing screw."
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