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Spline drive Breech Lock Bushings 4 pack. New, easy grip splined drive surface allows easy, accurate and fast die installation in your press. Reloading dies are confusingly similar looking, so we anodized and colored the bushings so you can “color code” your dies for quick positive identification. No need for lock rings on your dies with these quick-change bushings. Simply lightly tighten the hex clamp screw, and split collar will put a vise lock on your die. Loosen the screw, and the die will spin freely. Once set you’ll never lose position.

They look so good and work so well, you’ll want them for all your dies.

The hex clamp screw requires a 3/32 hex key wrench, sold separately.

For even easier installation, we carry the handy Lee lock ring wrench. Wrench works with Lee Spline drive lock rings and Breech lock bushings.

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Must Have

By Robert G. on Aug 14, 2021
-LEE's new style Lock Ring Eliminators (aluminum) are a must have for the re-loader who values time and consistent, repeatable settings for their reloading dies. The color coating anodized bodies make it easy to distinguish dies at a glance. I agree with Raymond K's evaluation that these bodies seem to be more compatible with the aluminum bodies presses and do a better job threading than the steel ones. GREAT product

New Style and Material

By Raymond K. on Jan 03, 2020
These new style Lock Ring Eliminators are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are precisely machined. I have actually found them more compatible with the aluminum bodied presses. The threads are less prone to slightly hang up when turning them into the press frame like the steel ones. The anodized coating has lubricity to it. I haven't found them lacking in strength either so far. Some even newer versions have gone to an allen style bolt instead of the screw for tightening the lock ring. All in all I like these better than the steel ones and you can't beat the pricing. The color coding is an added convenience for die identification.
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