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Dillon Rapid Polish Brass Polish 8oz

Dillon Rapid Polish Brass Polish 8oz
Item #:DP13804
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MPN:20255 20-PACK $
Read 16 Reviews

Product Information

10% off per case of 20

SHINE? You bet your brass! Dillon Precision has developed another exciting new product to make your reloading faster and easier. Rapid Polish 290 is the first cartridge case finish designed specifically to bring a brilliant shine (20 percent brighter than tumbling media alone) and a protective coating to reloaded ammunition. Simply add several capfuls to the media in your tumbler and run. Rapid Polish 290 has ag reat residual value and stays in your tumbling media. You'll use less each time you clean your cases.
Rapid Polish 290 contains no ammonia, so it won't weaken brass cases!

Read 16 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

Great Product

By Fredrick W H. on Sep 19, 2023
I have never used Dillion Case Polish it works well and does what it is supposed to do. I use it with Graf's Ground Walnut media mixed with corncob media (60% walnut -40% corncob) this works very well for me. I would recommend this polish as it works well.

Dillion polish

By Ross A. on Aug 02, 2023
been using it for years, prefer it over other polishes i have used

Dillon Rapid Polish

By VINCENT S. on Mar 06, 2023
I add Dillon's Rapid Polish to Graf walnut media, in my new Frankford tumbler, it works great.

Dillion Case Polish

By Greg M. on Feb 17, 2023
This is the first time I've a case polish in my tumbler and I'm very happy with the results. I'll continue to use it for all future case cleaning.

Great polish

By Michael W. on Feb 08, 2023
Takes very little to clean up your brass. It also doesn’t leave any residue. Highly recommended.

Polishes Well Low/No Odor

By Jesse D. on Oct 17, 2022
I used another polish previous, but it had a strong citrus smell. This polishes just as well, but has almost no odor to it, which I appreciate.

Typical dillon product

By Robert E. on Dec 03, 2020
Cleans better in less time

Dillon Brass Polish

By Don R. on Nov 10, 2020
Good stuff. Brings new life and appearance to dingy dirty brass. I like it

Dillon Brass Polish

By Gary H. on Nov 01, 2020
Works good.

Dillon Brass Polish

By James T C. on Sep 24, 2020
Great product as you expect from Dillon. Much better than the generic polish I have used for several years. Contrary to another review, I find it works faster and better than products I have used. Looks like new brass!

Dillon Rapid Polish 290

By Gerald T. on Jul 31, 2020
I had used this polish in year's past but had drifted away from it due to the convenience of picking up other products locally. I was pleased to see it available from Grafs and added it to my last order. I am very pleased with the way it works (better than most other products I have tried) and plan to order more from Grafs as the need arises.

works okay

By Ewald F. on Jul 13, 2020
I tried this after using Flitz for several years. I like the Flitz polish better. Following the instructions I added a liberal amount of 6 caps full to the corn cob media in a middle sized lyman vibrating tumbler. The Dillon polish works fine but takes a longer time tumbling to achieve the same level of finish.

Dillon case polish

By Sam H. on Feb 10, 2020
This polish and cleaner works great. I give my cases a thorough bath with this added to the media and they come out awesome.

Dillon Rapid Polish

By David M. on Dec 30, 2019
I've used many other products and Dillon's polish works best. It cuts processing time by 30% and is very economical. I will definitely purchase again.

Dillon Brass Polish end user review

By J ROBERT M. on Nov 27, 2019
My family have been using this brass polish for many years. This polish works on brass or nickel plated brass. We have used this polish on 9mm Luger/ 9mm NATO, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 44 magnum, 223 / 5.56, 7x57 Mauser / 275 Rigby, 30-06, 270 Winchester, 30-30 Winchester, 30-40 Krag, 303 British and numerous others. Dillon 290 Rapid polish works better than anything else we have tried in the vibrating brass polisher with corn cob or walnut media. This polish is not only better than others, it also is usually less expensive. Graf's, Thank you for continuing to offer this polish at a fair price. We just bought 4 more bottles of it. The Martin family.

Good polish

By Dennis M. on Mar 02, 2019
I have been using this polish for quite awhile now and use it for evry cleaning.
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