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Lee Case Resizing Lube Tube 2 Ounce

Lee Case Resizing Lube Tube 2 Ounce
Item #:LEE90006
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Product Information

We purchased the finest automotive deep draw lubricant and had it custom packaged exclusively for us. Lee Lube is pleasant to handle and you can thin it with water. Non-sticky, nonallergenic. Very little is needed; it goes a long way. Eliminates stuck and dented cases and makes sizing less work.

Read 9 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Greatest Resizing Lube EVER!!

By Daniel P M. on Mar 25, 2023
I've been using Lee's Sizing Lube for more than 45 years and see no reason to buy any other brand.

Lee resizing lube

By Norman R. on Dec 23, 2022
I have never had a stuck case with this lube.
Do not let it freeze since it is water based and will separate out. It will still work but consistency will change

Lee case lube

By William E L. on Nov 25, 2022
Excellent product ++ Used this lube for years, not sticky, easy to clean up.

Lee case lube

By Eric H. on Nov 17, 2020
I've been reloading now for over 10yrs and this is by far the best case lube I have found. It's the only one that is basically inert, it doesn't have any negative effects on the powder unlike many petroleum based lubes.

Lee Case Sizing Lube

By Michael F. on Aug 27, 2020
Great product. Easy to apply and easy to cleanup. Haven't had to deal with shoulder dents or stuck cases.

Lee Case Sizing Lube

By Steve C. on Jul 23, 2020
This lube works very well. I have used this for 30 years. It is easy to apply and comes off well in the tumbler. Others I have used make a sticky, oily mess and is difficult to remove in the tumbler. I have found that putting the casings in a plastic bin, squeezing out some of the lube and agitate the casings spreads it around well without having to apply to each individual casing. I even lube pistol casings with it in carbide dies. It makes the amount of force required for each one to be much less. Great Lube!

Lee Cartarage Resizing Lube

By Kenneth H. on Mar 25, 2020
WOW, I have been re-loading for 50 years and have used almost manufactures sizing lube, I never purchased the Lee Resizing Lube because it was always less money, consequently I figured it also didn't work well. A friend told me to try it, So I did and was I Amazed. No Neck dents, no case scratching, and eased my press pressure by at least 25%. I will be purchasing more and forget the expensive stuff.

Lee Lube

By Thomas C. on Jan 21, 2019
I have used Lee Case Lube for 10+ years and have nothing but praise for this product. I do not get shoulder dents or stuck cases. I hope to never have to go back to the grease type lubes.

Best lube I have found

By Tim C. on Mar 20, 2014
I have used Lee Lube for nearly 30 years and have never had a stuck case. The trick to this lube is to allow it to dry on the case before full length resizing the brass.

This will do two things for you, well, actually three.

First it will allow the water in the lube to evaporate and will save you from having to clean and lube your die.

Second, the dry lube will allow the die to flow over the case without any fear of the case sticking and/or receiving a compression dent.

Third, lube around the case mouth to allow the die's expander ball to properly align with the case neck and not stick.

Finally cleaning the case after resizing is a snap. You can follow the instructions given by Lee or you can throw the case into a tumbler and let the media do the work for you. I prefer the latter.

Are there fast ways to lube your cases...Yup there sure are. Is there a safer lube out there?No, in my opinion the Lee Lube is by far the easiest and safest to use.
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