LYMAN 44cal 255gr #429244 MOULD DOUBLE CAVITY

LYMAN 44cal 255gr #429244 MOULD DOUBLE CAVITY
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Lyman molds are made from solid steel and heat-cured to oxidize the metal. This blues the mould and minimizes the time required for the breaking-in process. A steel sprue cutter is included. Accepts Lyman double-cavity mold handles, sold separately.

#421 Top Punch Recommended, Sold Separately.


Melting and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm. For more information go to - instructions on Reducing Exposure supplied with product.

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Lyman # 429244 Double Cavity Mould

By Thomas B. on Jan 23, 2019
I love the bullet design< very accurate in all 3 of my 44 magnums. The gas checks seat easily and stay put. I will buy more of these moulds as I expand my bullet casting.

Favorite mold for me and dad...

By Michael B. on Apr 23, 2015
Me and my father love our .44magnums, he got me to grow up with 44mags, lots of memories.

I been reloading for some time and wanted to start casting awhile back to take my reloading to the farthest...

I experimented with a few bullet styles but my father and I found this to be our favorite by far. Here are the reasons why...

This is listed by Lyman as a "Ray Thompson" design...

Basically, what I learned is, while Elmer Keith is pretty much the "Godfather" of .44cal, Ray Thompson made three basic improvements which me and my father really like...

#1. Takes a gas check, which helps keep the base from deforming under heavy magnum loads.

#2. lubrication grooves are a little smaller but better placed instead of the Keiths one giant grease groove.

#3. Front driving band is a little smaller then the Keiths design, meaning it will square up in the barrel better.

Nothing wrong with a Keiths, but the Ray Thompson design has those three beautiful improvements.

Not to forget, being a semi-wadcutter, the Ogive of the bullet itself doesnt come into contact with the barrel itself, just the base, lube troth and front driving band, which means much less potential leading, not to mention a bit more control over trajectory and able to control you payload when hitting the target "accuracy".

I wont get into load data, but I will say the Lyman book of hand casting recommends using hardball #2 with their load recipes and have worked out great, in which Grafs sells the book, plus the top "G" punch "size 421" and H-I sizing dies for this... and requires the double cavity mold handles...

Although it is recommended using a .429 sizing die, which I use, I still have a .430 just in case I need to size down in increments, plus a .428 and .427 which Grafs sells as well in case I wish to experiment with occasional moly "molybdenum desulfide" coating to knock the bullet a little lower so the coating can take it up to the proper .429, which Grafs also sells the Lyman moly kit, along with a nice selection of lube sizers, which I went with the Lyman 4500 here at Grafs with the heater... Youll want to use a hard lube which requires a heater for this bullet...

All that, and you set with the perfect 255 grn .44 cal you can make yourself, all here at Grafs...

Also, dont forget to pick up a can of spay moly for your mold when making your purchase, so when casting your bullets will fall out a lot easier.
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