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New Super Moly is an all purpose, high temperature bullet lubricant. With Molybdenum Disulfide added for increased velocity, it coats the barrel with a fine film, which improves accuracy and makes leading nonexistent. It flows through lube sizers without heat and won’t melt at 130°. It’s the best lube you can use for any shooting.

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Effective lube

By David S. on Feb 02, 2021
I began bullet casting because of the leading issues with purchased bullets. Not knowing where to start with lube, Lyman made it easy by including the Moly Lube with my bullet sizer. It seems easy enough to use, I have a heater for my sizer as my shop is not warm in the winter. I have had no leading issues with handguns, and there seems to be a bit of lube on the crown of the barrel. I have bought several more tubes for use.

Has been my go-to bullet lube for years.

By Frederick R. on Apr 21, 2020
I started using this lube years ago in my 38 Special and 45 ACP, and I've not found anything anywhere near as good for my uses. My use is pretty extensive for handguns, with minimal rifle use, but it does well in the 30-30 as fellas the handguns. Does extremely well with both 41 and 44 Magnum revolvers in full power loads.

I shoot mostly the RCBS 200 SWC in my 45, and what I really like is the easy gun clean-up after a range session. This lube leaves only a very light residue and I use anything from Hoppes No9, mineral spirits or even WD40 to clean the gun. Mostly, WD40 is enough. Never any leading. Everything just wipes right off, no need for a brush. This is true of every cartridge and firearm where I've used it. Hard to argue with success.

Excellent lube, I always keep a supply on hand. The virus "stay at home" has allowed me to catch up on may casting, so I've used a lot recently.

lube orange magic

By William S. on Mar 30, 2020
one of the best lubes i have found for cast bullets, does not softened or melt
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