PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr SPBT 50/BAG

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr SPBT 50/BAG
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Product Information

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928 and today produces over 350 types of rifle, pistol , revolver and small arms ammunition. Prvi Partizan bulk bullets feature a lead core and copper jacket. Imported from Serbia. This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 26 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

PPU bullets

By Tracy G. on Feb 15, 2024
I am teaching a young man to load for his Enfield. This bullet is clean and consistent out of the bag. His confidence and enthusiasm are boosted at the ease of loading and consistency of his new ammunition.

Ppu 303

By Derek C. on May 02, 2023
Great prices on a good product

Good Quality

By James V. on Feb 18, 2023
..good quality and consistent size and weight... shot well in my 7.7 Jap..

Great bullets!

By Mark G. on Feb 13, 2023
Great bullets for reloading.

.311 don’t 150 gr

By James W. on Feb 04, 2023
Excellent bullet! Very accurate. Will be hunting this fall with this load!

PPU .311 150 grain

By Chris H. on Jan 03, 2023
Loaded these for a friend in 7.7 x 58 (Jap). Worked just fine

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr SPBT 50/BAG

By Robert J. on Dec 01, 2022
I have a 7.7 Japanese rifle , just started to reload for it. These are the best bullets currently available to use . Very pleased to find Graf had in stock. Can now complete the process and get these loaded up.

PPU.311 150gr SPBT

By Patrick P. on Nov 28, 2022
Works great in my 1938 mosin nagant. Really tightened up toe grouping at 100 yards. Went from a 2"+ group to a sub 1" group.

When you need it...Graf & Sons has it

By Dennis K. on Nov 22, 2022
I've been a MidwayUSA customer for decades but supplies being limited I've been scouring the Internet the past two years and Graf & Sons is now my first go to company. After complete satisfaction with the first few orders, I researched the company to find they are a Midwestern family business with a decades old strong tie to the shooting community. I can't recommend them enough as a reliable company for those hard-to-find items.Use them won't be sorry!

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr SPBT

By Paul G. on Sep 26, 2022
These projectiles work great my1891 Argentine Mauser.
Grafs is about my only source left for bullets that fit this caliber.
Order fulfillment is quick and my orders always arrive when promised and well packaged.

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr SPBT 50/BAG

By Albert L. on Sep 21, 2022
It is nice to find a place that will sell you a small quantity of bullets so you can keep an old war horse warmed up on occasion. Thank you Graf & Sons.

.311 Bullets

By James R. on Sep 21, 2022
Like always Graf came through when I needed something. first it was Black powder and now bullets I couldn't find anywhere else.

Typical Graf and Sons

By ANDRES T. on Sep 07, 2022
Which is to say, outstanding. Very fast shipping, great product and in this high priced world - very good quality! I've ordered bullets and brass from Graf's in several calibers. Never been disappointed in what I got nor how long it took. Well done, people!

150gr .311

By Fong X. on Aug 31, 2022
Used it for my 7.7 Japanese. work just fine.

Good value

By Jian Q. on Jul 20, 2022
150gr is my go to deer hunting round. Shoots great in my Enfield.

PPU .303 150gr Bullets

By Daniel P M. on May 07, 2021
Bought these for my Chinese Nagant. Great and accurate in these and for my Brit #3M1. I will buy more in the future!!

PPU .303 150gr SPBT

By Keith E. on Jul 22, 2020
Used these for my first 303 British loads and the 1917 Enfield was pretty accurate. Definitely a more accurate bullet than I am a shooter!!!

PRVI BULLET .311 150gr SPBT (PPB311FMJ150)

By Bob W. on Jul 22, 2020
These arrived about a week ago...can't wait to start working up loads for my No 4 rifles, P14, and various Mosin rifles and carbines. This was my first order from Graf and I look forward to ordering again once I've finished initial testing.

ppu .303 150 SPBT

By Jay C. on May 11, 2020
great price, quite accurate

Prvi 150 (.311)

By Keith M. on Apr 18, 2020
Super bullet for hunting and plinking targets, Taken many deer using these in my Mosin. Very accurate out of a 80 year old military rifle.

Awesome accurate

By Gary G. on Feb 18, 2020
Great bullet and accurate

8x56R Hungerian brass

By Wiliam S. on Aug 21, 2019
very good accurate

150 gr SPBT (303)

By Glenn C. on Aug 20, 2019
Works great very accurate. Use it for vintage matches and very good

PPU 150gr .311

By Bradley C. on May 21, 2019
Solid projectiles, they work great for replicating military loads for various rifles! Will definitely buy again.

PPU .303 150gr SPBT

By David V. on Mar 27, 2019
Very good value and loads easily with boat tail

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 303cal (.311) 150gr SPBT

By Dennis F. on Feb 01, 2019
These bullets, along with the 150gr FMJBTs, shoot excellent from my 7.62x39 AR Bear Creek Arsenal upper. I reload these with CFR BLK and generally make one ragged hole @ 50yds.
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