RCBS Bullet Puller

RCBS Bullet Puller
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Product Information

BULLET PULLER W/O COLLET. 7/8"-14 threaded body for use in Single stage and Turret style presses. Uses caliber specific collets (not included) to clamp onto the bullet to remove from case.

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Seems to work well

By Matthew R. on Jul 22, 2022
Seems to pull bullets appropriately if you buy the right collets. Would appreciate having a shorter handle.


By Lou M. on Dec 06, 2020
Works great with no mess and easy retrieval of the components. I even used it to pull some plated bullets. As long as the bullet isn't seated way too deep and you have enough of the sides to grab onto, they pulled fine with only a small amount of marking in the softer plated bullets. I haven't used them on regular FMJ's yet but should work great on them since they're not as soft as plated bullets?


By Randall F. on Jan 02, 2020
I have had one of these for years and inertia pullers for decades.
Inertia has a difficult time at best with light bullets. They will deform anything except FMJ's or HP with jackets. Even with foam at the base and powder will fly out. Still I loved them. Got fed up with collets tearing up on 223's and finally bought one of these. They do not damage any bullet and you can just put a new bullet on top of case and reseat.

RCBS Bullet Puller for Single Stage Press with Collets

By Barry T. R. on May 23, 2019
Did my homework and found this system to satisfy my needs and methods best.
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