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RCBS Precision dies are designed to deliver superior performance plus easy adjustment and operation. Sets feature: sizing dies with tolerance twice as stringent as typical firearms and ammunition for consistent chambering round after round. Fine body knurling for easy, non-slip adjustment. Hardened die bodies. Easy, adjustable expander-decapping unit locks in place, eliminating slippage. Three-piece expander/decapping unit lets you replace the decapping pin in a snap. Includes: full-length sizing die and seater die. Shellholders sold separately.

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RCBS 30 Luger 2 Die Set

By Aaron D. on Nov 29, 2018
I purchased this die set to replace a Lee 3 die set that did not work. The Lee sizer was fine, but it had dimensional errors in the expander and the seater die body. Kudos to Grafs for accepting the return. By contrast, the fit and finish of this RCBS die set is excellent!

The expander ball is the correct diameter for loading .308 or .309 caliber bullets. This is a steel die set, so case lube is required. Only a small spray of Hornady One Shot is needed, and it does not need to be removed.

It would be nice if the RCBS included a provision in their bottleneck handgun die sets to flair the case mouth. Hence only 4 of 5 stars. This cartridge benefits from a touch of case mouth flair with the flat base bullets that are used. I solved that by using Lee Universal Expander die in station 2 of my press to flair the case mouths slightly.

Old Lugers have varying groove diameters. One gun I load for is a DWM Commercial Luger with a .311 groove diameter. I use .311" bullets for that. The included expander ball in this set is too small for .311 cal. I obtained a .310" M style expander plug from NOE and use it in a Lee Universal Expander die. It gives the correct neck interior diameter for a .311 cal bullet.
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