BPI FIBER WAD 12ga .50"- THICK/.74"-Dia. 500/BAG

BPI FIBER WAD 12ga .50"- THICK/.74"-Dia. 500/BAG
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Product Information

Fiber filler wads are extremely light and flexible. They are used as a cushion and a filler because they have the ability to compress a bit during crimping and during firing - reducing felt recoil. Fiber wads can be easily split with a fingernail for custom load adjustments.

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Stop the plastic

By Tim L. on May 29, 2023
I encourage friends to use these instead of plastic wads. I know wads are difficult to find, plastic wads hang around forever. We have enough plastic trash everywhere. Use these instead!

1/2" Fiber Wads - Looking good!

By Frederick C. on Sep 05, 2019
This product delivers what it promises. Easy to use
whether loading hulls mechanically or by hand. I use them specifically for Black Powder Shot shell loading.
They provide an excellent cushion and necessary filler you need to produce an effective and accurate round!
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