Redding Ultramag Single Stage Reloading Press

Redding Ultramag Single Stage Reloading Press
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Product Information

At first glance you will see what sets the ULTRAMAG apart from all other reloading presses: the unique location of its compound leverage system. Unlike other reloading presses which connect the linkage to the lower half of the press, the ULTRAMAG’S leverage system is connected to the top of the press frame. This allows you to develop literally tons of pressure without the usual concern about press frame deflection or misalignment.

The ULTRAMAG features a huge 4-3/4” frame opening and 4-1/8” of usable ram stroke, making it ideal for loading oversized cartridges such as the old Sharps “Buffalo Cartridges” and British “Nitro- Express” rounds.

Its unique long link compound leverage system has more mechanical advantage over a greater distance than any other reloading press on the market. This makes “childs play” of difficult case forming operations.

Features: high grade cast iron frame, offset handle, steel adapter bushing accepts standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and is removable for use with oversized dies. Frame with bushing removed accepts 1-1/4" x 12 die threads.

  • The frame is constructed of high grade cast iron for strength, long life and wear resistance
  • Four mounting holes provide rigid mounting
  • Offset handle is out of the way for all reloading operations
  • All linkage pins are heat treated, precision ground and in double shear
  • Steel adapter bushing accepts standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and is removable for use with oversized dies
  • Frame with bushing removed accepts 1-1/4" - 12 die threads
  • "Smart" primer arm that moves in and out of position with ram travel: “Smart” primer arm automatically swings into position during the ram stroke and flips out of the way when not in use. For maximum sensitivity at the lowest possible leverage, priming is done at the end of the ram stroke.
  • Spent primer collection system: Spent primers are automatically collected in the large diameter hollow ram. They then drop into a handy flexible plastic tube that can hold hundreds of spent primers before emptying, or be easily routed to your trash container.

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Redding Ultramag Single Stage Reloading Press

By Gene L. on Dec 28, 2020
Bought to supplement my RCBS Ammo master II and most striking difference is the tight tolerances in the ram assembly between the two presses...the Ultramag ram has zero lateral "wiggle" (ram assembly) when it is fully extended vs the RCBS. Superior Primer catch system as well. Highly recommended!

This thing is a MONSTER!

By Michael H. on Mar 07, 2019
This press is bigger than I thought it would be, it’s awesome. This big boy weighs about 28 pounds, it’s so solid and smooth, this is my first Redding product, I’m hooked! I can size 45 colt, no lube, with one stiff finger! I’ve had multiple presses in the last decade that I’ve been reloading, Lee, Lyman,and RCBS, I wanted a big press that will do anything I want for the rest of my life, this is it!

Redding press

By Kevin S. on Jan 17, 2019
Great press at a great price from great people that's all that needs said !!!!!!!!!!!!

First press

By Grantlan G. on Oct 30, 2018
I did a lot of research prior to ordering the ultramag. I'd had experience using a 70's model rockchucker and c-style CH. And i find this press to be equally as stout with a more powerful ram (no play in the ram anywhere along the stroke). I have yet to use this press for the intended purpose of mag-length cartridges; but i can tell you it functions well reloading 327 fed, 223, and 7.62x39. No problems with the primer catch system. If you're looking for a solid single stage that leaves nothing to be desired, here ya go.
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