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Considered by many to be the finest lubricator/sizer available today. A single stroke seats the gas check, swages the bullet to proper diameter, and lubricates it. SAECO’s Lubri-Sizer features a pressurized reservoir that lubricates from 20 to 50 bullets between turns of the lube control handle. Two precision parallel guide rods assure proper alignment of the top punch and sizing die, resulting in maximum bullet concentricity. Those who prefer to shoot bullets “as cast” will appreciate SAECO’s exclusive swing out gas check seater, which allows the option of seating gas checks without sizing. A combination of compound leverage and extra length operating handle substantially reduces physical effort. Sizing Dies and Top Punches sold separately.

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Saeco lubri-sizer

By Michael F. on Jan 18, 2024
I'm extremely happy with this lubri-sizer. Works great!

Well, where do I start.

By Joseph A. on Dec 20, 2023
Waited about a year for 5 of them to show up to be purchased. luckily, I snagged the last one as I received the notification email. It came packed oddly in bubble wrap. Redding says that is NOT how they pack them. I had contacted Redding as half the parts were missing. 5 items to be exact. It was also not assembled. Another odd thing was the lube tube was full of red grease. NO, not lube, but axel grease. So, after waiting about 3 weeks I received all the parts after initially not receiving all the parts I needed and I filled the lube hopper halfway with SPG brand BP lube and started lubing 43 Spanish bullets. Well, the die leaks thru the lock ring on the front and back sides. I contacted Redding and they said "YES, they are aware of this". Well, that is nice I said. Maybe a design improvement is needed like a rubber washer. I made my own rubber washer and problem solved. My Lyman 4500 does not have this issue as the dies screw into the body of the sizer so there is no way any lube is going to leak out. One good thing about the Santa Anita Enginering Company (SAECO) LUBRI-SIZER PRESS is the spring pressure in the lube reservoir makes it so you only have to turn the pressure handle 1/2 turn every 5 - 7 bullets lubes opposed to the Lyman which I have to give a 1/10th turn or nudge every bullet lubed. I would say the SAECO is better if they would fix the leak issue. I see SAECO reviews other places that people also complain about the leak issue. My understanding is this SAECO design dates back to the 1940's. You would think someone would have address the leaking issue by now. Other than me with the simple rubber washer fix/bandage.
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