Starline Brass 38 Special Nickel Unprimed Bag of 100

Starline Brass 38 Special Nickel Unprimed Bag of 100
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Quantity Limit:Only 5 SUN38SPL allowed per customer. Duplicates will be canceled.
Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Starline strives to hold the closest production tolerances possible on every caliber we produce to ensure the highest quality brass available. All brass is produced within SAAMI specifications and includes special heat treat processes and designs to enhance strength and longevity. This is not loaded ammunition.

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Starline .38 Spl nickel brass

By Michael G. on Nov 21, 2020
This is top quality brass, often used by Sierra in their reloading data. Little or no trimming was needed to get them to 1.150, and they had a tight neck when seating bullets. I use the Lee universal neck expander so bullets don't crush case mouths.

Quality brass

By Larry K. on Jun 04, 2020
t’s hard to find new nickel plated brass. I bought the Starline nickel plated brass to hand load self defense ammo. Using an RCBS hand primer I easily primed all 100 cases. I slightly beveled the case mouths and loaded Speer’s 135 grain Gold Dot short barrel for the .38 Special. Everything went smoothly and the loaded cases easily chambered in my S&W. The nickel cases were slightly slippery which aided in chambering. I like the fact that Grafs provides these cases in 100 count bags. Starline nickel plated brass is the way to go and they are inexpensive. The brass has replaced my twenty year old nickel cases which are now relegated to practice.

Always good

By Scott D. on May 25, 2020
Starline is my go to brass and I go through alot of it.

38 special nickel casings

By Ron G. on May 10, 2020
Even during this time of chaos Grafs and Sons came through and delivered my order! Starline is the best of the best and so no disappointment with the 38 special nickel cases. Always packaged well and delivered in a very timely manner. I will definitely buy all my future cases from them!

Best brass

By Vincent m C. on Oct 29, 2019
Been loading for better than 50 years, and have not found any better. Consistent, many reloads, no defects, and usually more than 100 in the bag. Starline is my go to brass.

38 sp nickel brass

By Galen B. on Jun 01, 2019
completely satisfied, high quality, loads great for cowboy action

Great Brass as always

By Mark K. on Mar 28, 2019
This brass is only standard pressure brass? Not if you get on the Starline website it says the only difference is the head stamp. Check it out. Great brass as always. They also make the brass for some major munition company's.
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