Vihtavuori N540 Smokeless Powder 1 Pound

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Vihtavuori N540 Smokeless Powder 1 Pound
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Superb long-range performance with heavy bullets in the .308 Winchester and in many 6.5 and 7mm cartridges with medium case capacity.

Warning: Not all powders are the same. Please refer to the manufacturer's load data.

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VihtaVuori N540

By C Rob J. on Jul 29, 2016
Expensive, but to my way of thinking well worth it.

N540 is my #1 choice for 7.62x51NATO/.308 WIN rounds. It's the only powder that is proven to work well in extreme cold weather, and I want that performance. Double based powders (like N540) are much better for the cold. In the Winter I do a lot of "Service Rifle Biathlon", so I rely on N540 and it just shrugs off the freeze. I grant you, pressure & velocity go down a bit, but it still shines for accuracy. AND it meters well in my Dillon 550B powder measure, which is pure magic because most tubular extruded (Lincoln-log) powders give metering trouble in most powder measures.

I'm a Happy Shooter with this stuff, A+
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