PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 30cal (.307) 110gr SPRN 50/BAG

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 30cal (.307) 110gr SPRN 50/BAG
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Product Information

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928 and today produces over 350 types of rifle, pistol , revolver and small arms ammunition. Prvi Partizan bulk bullets feature a lead core and copper jacket. Imported from Serbia.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 30cal (.307) 110gr SPRN 100/BAG

By Louis B. on May 17, 2023
Excellent expansion. No feeding problems in Inland, Fulton, or Plainfield.

Bullets for .30 carbine

By Lee C. on Apr 22, 2023
These bullets are the cat's meow for loading my Marlin leveraction .30 carbine.

Carbine Fodder

By D. N. on Mar 02, 2023
Been on the waiting list for soft points for some time , but Graf's came through , and notified me that these were in stock.

30 Carbine

By Michael F. on Jan 15, 2023
Economical and accurate.

M-1 Carbine

By Tim M. on Apr 19, 2021
Feed as a normal FMJ with no problems in my Inland .

Great casual plinking bullet

By Ryan J. on Jan 03, 2021
I'm loading these for a non-standard use. Reduced loads over 14 gr Unique in my 30-06 M17 camp rifle for youth shooters and varmint control. The profile feeds well from magazine (also in my Garand, but obviously they don't cycle), and accuracy is good to 100 yards, about 2" groups which is typical for the rifle with full power loads (furthest I've tested). I'm running them in the range of M1 Carbine velocities, and they expand well on soft targets such as softwood blocks, bottles of water, porcupines, coyotes and other camp vermin. Tons of fun for the kids to shoot the "big rifle on the wall" with little recoil and fine accuracy.

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 30cal (.307) 110gr SPRN 100/BAG

By Phillip R. on Aug 14, 2020
Bought these for my M1 Carbine, but are also working fine for my 30/30 and my SKS.. Great plinking round, but should also be ok for game or Zombies because of the soft point. Will buy more

Good plinkers

By William R. on Aug 06, 2020
Not the most accurate (1.25-1.75") but a great plinkers for 30 carbine.

privi partizan 30 cal. sprn 110 grain bullets

By William R. on Jun 30, 2020
Quality bullets at a low price. Loaded 500 rds of 30 Cal Carbine with no problems.

privi partizan 30 cal. sprn 110 grain bullets

By Scott B. on Dec 14, 2018
best deal for m1 carbine bullets excellent people to deal with

PRVI PARTIZAN BULLET 30cal (.307) 110gr SPRN 100/BAG

By Richard R. on Sep 29, 2014
Very accurate. Got 2" groups at 100 yards. Probably would have gotten better if I were using a proper rest. Results were the same with light and max loads.
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