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Product Information

All Berry’s Ammo Boxes are made from high impact polypropylene for increased strength against cracking, chipping, warping, expansion, or contraction. The Model #409 50 round boxes feature their new, stronger, flip-top design, allowing the securing of ammo storage with easy one-handed operation. Along with a translucent lid, they now come with a black base for increased strength and a clean look. They are stackable, carry a lifetime warranty, and are made in the USA.

  • Blue Lid
  • #409 Ammo Box Cell Dimensions: 2.98” OAL x .51”.

Technical Notes

Fits Calibers: .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .220 Swift, .22-250 Remington, 6mm Remington, 6mm PPC, .250 Savage, .257 Roberts, .260 Remington, .284 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, 7-30 Waters, .30 Remington AR, .30-30 Winchester*, .300 Savage, 7.62 x 39mm, .338 Federal, .410 Shotshell (2.5" x 3")*, .444 Marlin*, .450 Bushmaster*

*When stored cartridge nose down

Read 24 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

ammo box storage

By Terry A. on Sep 21, 2023
holds everything securely-lid snaps tight

Holds ammo

By Benjamin K. on Jul 05, 2023
I keep my precision rounds in this flip top box. I like the hinge design which lasts a long time.

308 ammo box

By Mark D. on Jun 16, 2023
These are the best boxes for my 308 ammo. They fit great in my ammo can and stack well. They are sturdy and inexpensive and that's all I need.

Great compact way to store ammo

By Wynn W. on Jun 05, 2023
Really compact, takes up way less space than most any other box I have tried. Great price and shipping as well.

Berry's 243/308 Hinged Top 50 rnd Ammo Box

By Norman D. on Nov 28, 2022
Great ammo box. Real hinge on lid is convenient. Only four of these will fit in an M2A2 ammo can. They have to be placed diagonally with latch sides facing and will fit two deep.


By Dan S. on Sep 07, 2022
great box with a really good hinge and more durable than other brands

Just what I needed for an odd caliber

By Daniel P M. on Oct 26, 2021
I only required one box and the blue and black really stands out for my 6.5 Carcano ammo. If I ever find more shells I will definitely buy more.

Good quality

By Eric S. on Feb 13, 2021
Good value for the money and good quality.

Positive Snap

By Joseph S. on Jul 15, 2020
Closure is positive, but still easy to open. Smooth hinges that allow the lid to open 180 degrees and stay. Translucent top in clear, red and blue to quickly ID different loads/calibers/whatever. Compatible calibers clearly marked on top. Box is light but stiff, and fits 243 perfectly. Excellent value!

Great case

By James D. on Jul 10, 2020
Very well built would buy again

Berry's ammo boxes

By Donald E W. on Jun 23, 2020
Great product at a great price.

Great boxes

By Keith S. on Jun 04, 2020
These ammo boxes are awesome

Use for 6mm creedmoor

By TROY C. on May 21, 2020
Well built ammo boxes, work great for my 6mm creedmoor loads
Plenty of room even for my 2.875 coal matchking loads

Great product

By Mark S. on May 18, 2020
Quality product. Hinges are a big plus.

308 boxes

By Mike B. on Feb 25, 2020
These boxes wok very well. Very Fast shipping

Just as well made as MTM boxes.

By John L. on Jan 25, 2020
Previously I had only purchased MTM boxes, but the lower price of Berry boxes made me want to give them a try. I know what brand I'll be buying next time.

Berry Boxes AreGreat

By Jeff K. on Dec 01, 2019
I prefer to use the Berry ammo boxes because of the way they are made. In particular I like the hinges. The bottom and top part is connected with actual hinges instead of just a thin strip of plastic that invariably wears out and breaks with use.I will be sticking with Berry boxes.

Berry cartridge box

By Andrew M. on Jul 12, 2019
Excellent quality and price. Beats Cabelas and Bass Pro prices.


By Joseph C. on Apr 20, 2019
Best part of the new design are the hinges. The box now stays wide open and they are so easier to work with.
Joe Cz.


By DONALD S. on Jan 03, 2019
Great product at great price.


By Adam G. on Oct 08, 2018
Received boxes broken, shipping companies fault. I called and was immediately shipped two boxes free of charge. Excellent customer service!. Boxes are solid construction well built hinge lid.


By Jody G. on Oct 01, 2018
A great product

great product

By Clifton G. on Sep 28, 2018
great product at great price and fast shipping

These Boxes are great

By John L. on Aug 07, 2018
Very nice hinged opening, and they work great, I have been using them for my 6.5 Creedmoor loads and there's plenty of room even with a fairly long overall length.
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