Satern Powder Funnel Aluminum Static-Free 22 Caliber

Satern Powder Funnel Aluminum Static-Free 22 Caliber
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Product Information

Are you a reloader looking for a funnel in a particular caliber? Satern Funnels are the answer! Useable with smokeless or black powder because they are made of static-free aluminum and brass. Made in 22 caliber-specific sizes. Fits down on the case neck for a tight fit so powder keeps flowing into the case.

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Saturn 22 caliber powder funnel

By Gary P. on Jan 11, 2023
The first powder funnel I've found that constantly and properly works for 22 caliber cases. It does just what it's advertised to do.

Funnel Quest Ended

By Michael M. on Dec 04, 2020
I've had several one size fits all plastic funnels trying to find one that works well with everything I load. If that exists, I haven't found it. Then I tried a funnel set that had the body with different size o-ringed brass inserts that didn't work well, the inserts would loosen trapping powder in the gap. These Saturn aluminum funnels, after cleaning as noted in other reviews, do just what I expect and want a funnel to do. I would recommend these without hesitation.

Perfect Funnel

By Michael S. on Aug 01, 2020
Lightweight and not top heavy, this funnel rocks!

The best

By Randall F. on Jul 29, 2020
This item is excellent. 223 cases are so small and a pain to reload compared to big belted cases. Funnels that are universal in size do not fit correctly and a hole the size of 223 is really not big enough for a 70 grain charge for a 300 Win Mag. So the holes in most funnels are really too big for 223.
This funnel sits right on top of the case and the hole is as big as it can be without being to large. I have never had a problem with powder spillage since I purchased one of these.
This is a product that you will not be disappointed in.

Fantastic, once you clean them.

By Jim F. on Nov 30, 2017
These are great. They usually have some slight residue in places where the powder may stick. But clean it good with acetone & cotton swabs and the powder will all slip by perfectly fast with no sticking.

Very helpful item!

By Michael O. on Feb 29, 2016
I've been using one of these for a few years for my .223. I have a Lee plastic funnel, but it wouldn't sit tightly enough on the case mouth to prevent powder spillage. This was the solution. This funnel has a brass tip, so it will sit upright on the bench and it's machined to fit just right on the case mouth so no powder leaks. I've never had any issues with static while using it. I'm getting one for each rifle caliber I load.
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