Satern Powder Funnel Aluminum Static-Free 22-30 Caliber

Satern Powder Funnel Aluminum Static-Free 22-30 Caliber
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Product Information

Are you a reloader looking for a funnel in a particular caliber? Satern Funnels are the answer! Useable with smokeless or black powder because they are made of static-free aluminum and brass. Made in 22 caliber-specific sizes. Fits down on the case neck for a tight fit so powder keeps flowing into the case.

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Useless for .223/5.56

By Leon G. on Apr 20, 2022
I'm a Satern funnel fan. I have 4 in specific calibers and they are perfect: no static cling and no powder falling out. I wanted the .22 funnel but it is out of stock. so I ordered the so-called universal .22-30 cal funnel.

My subject title says it all. Unless you hold the funnel careful over a .223/5.56 case mouth, and visually verify that the funnel and mouth are in good tight alignment, you will drop powder all over the place. I'm waiting for the .22 funnel to be available.


By Todd P. on Aug 22, 2021
I have gone through half a dozen funnels in the last 30 years. This will probably be the last one I will ever need to buy.
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