CLAYBUSTER WAD 12ga 1oz (12S0) 5000/CS

CLAYBUSTER WAD 12ga 1oz (12S0) 5000/CS
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Product Information

For use in 7/8 to 1-1/8 oz. trap, skeet, sporting clays or hunting loads. Performs best in straight wall cases such as Federal paper or plastic and Fiocchi.

Optimum load is 1 oz.

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Old School 7/8 oz. Loads

By Raymond K. on Jun 08, 2022
I use these in taper wall hulls (Rem. GC, STS) for old school 7/8 oz. loads. Perfect stack heights with a 30# or less wad pressure setting on the MEC.

Work beautifully at about 1250 FPS with tight ES and SDs. Splendid breaks! Predictable performance.

Better than 2118

By MICHAEL M. on Aug 11, 2020
The CD-2100-12 wad is the best wad for almost any straight wall hull. I’ve used them in Federals, Cheddites, Fieochi, I load them with 1 1/8 once of shot. The crimp is much better then the CB2118-12. Great wad.

Claybuster 2100 wad

By James L. on May 18, 2020
I switch from the 2118 to the 2100 they give me a prefect flat crimp with a 1 1/8 shot in a federal hull. I am using a RCBS gran .

Good for 1 oz. & 1 1/8 oz.

By Larry B. on Feb 21, 2019
I have loaded many thousands of these wads in Federal Gold Metal shells. I have never had a problem with them cocking or any blow by. I use the same wad CB2100 for 1 oz. & 1 1/8 oz.. I get perfect crimps on both loads without making any adjustments to my loader. I use a PW900.
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