MIL-SURP AMMO 7.62 NAGANT 108gr FMJFN 14/bx 78/can

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MIL-SURP AMMO 7.62 NAGANT 108gr FMJFN 14/bx 78/can
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Product Information


  • Manufactured in Russia 1977 through 1979.
  • Brass case, berdan primed, corrosive, steel-core bullet.
  • 14 rounds per box, 78 boxes (1092 rounds) per sealed tin.

Read 15 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Mil surp Nagant

By Don C. on Nov 22, 2018
There was a prob with my address. Graf phoned twice
To make sure my ammo came to right place.
Its nice stuff. Graf gets my order for 56-50 Spencer

Great original Military ammo

By John F. on Oct 24, 2018
Shoot ammo intended for your Nagant! I get a few boxes with every order. This is good stuff!

Nagant Surplus Ammo

By Joel B. on Apr 19, 2018
Excellent ammo. Great price.

Best bang for the buck

By Adam M. on Mar 30, 2017
Super fast shipping , very accurate ammo , best price all around and got a free handgun hard case with my order ! Found my new ammo dealer !

Works as advertised

By Aaron R. on Mar 28, 2017
This is the first time I've bought military surplus 7.62x38R from an online dealer. Boxes were clean and ammo looks great. Haven't shot any yet. Due to the horrendous trigger pull on my revolver they probably won't get used too quickly. They are quite a talking point though with people unfamiliar to the round. Would buy again!

Nagant ammo

By Kevin W. on Nov 26, 2015
Awesome ammo and fast shipping

Fantastic ammo

By P L. on Aug 06, 2015
Fantastic ammo, fast shipping.

Great Nagant Ammunition

By Brian H. on May 23, 2015
First off, let me say I am very pleased with Graf's shipping, as from the time of order to the time received, was a little over 24 hours. I will be ordering from this company again.

Second, this Nagant ammunition the right "stuff" for the Nagant revolvers. I do not own a chronograph, but I can tell it's more accurate and powerful than the Fiocchi I was running through them. I have a 1944 Tula and a 1945 Izhevsk.

Brian H

7.62 Nagant Ammo

By Nathen P. on Feb 26, 2015
Fast S&H & the ammo was in great condition for being almost 40 years old & a great price.

Nagant ammunition

By Anthony O. on Feb 06, 2015
Looks great! Grafs came through with fast shipping. I can't hardly wait to get to the range! I will be back after more ammunition. Did I mention the great price ??? !

Nagant Ammo

By Edward W. on Jan 04, 2015
Quality surplus ammo. Corrosive but just clean after shooting. Quickly shipped and well packaged for a safe arrival.

Real Nagant ammo

By Bruce T. on Feb 26, 2014
If you shoot a Nagant, this is the only ammo you should be using. Granted it is corrosive; just clean your weapon afterwards and you shall have no issues. The ammo is incredibly accurate (quite a bit more than the PRVI, as it is underpowered and has a drop after 25 yrds), and has a punch that other Nagant ammo simply does not have. Also, this ammo is cheaper. How can you beat that??!!

Nagant ammo mil surplus

By Ted B. on Mar 23, 2013
Mine also ripped clean through 5 or six paperbacks!
Three reasons why this ammo is better that the PRVI (PPU) ammo: 1) it packs 108 gr instead of 98 gr powder, and 2) the flat point (FPJ) is a little "sharper" that the PPU, and 3. it's also less expensive. The only drawback I can see is that it's corrosive (the PPU is not). So I just clean the bore with Hoppes 9 after I shoot.

Nagant ammo

By Russell K. on Mar 22, 2013
I was quite surprised by not only the accuracy but the power. I was shooting a fairly thick Northern Tool catalog and it went right through it and kicked up dust on the other side. This is a good buy. It also was not a dirty round. Nice ammo for my Nagant.

Nagant ammo with power

By Elijah L. on Jun 09, 2012
Reliable and pretty clean burning. As accurate as the new production PRVI stuff. Shot out of a 1936 Nagant revolver, it averaged 824.8 fps. PRVI 98 grain ammo averaged 637.2 fps for comparison.
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