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Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Semi-process used brass has been cleaned but not deprimed. May contain commercial and military mix depending on caliber.

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This is not loaded ammunition.

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Very Pleased

By Marc E. on May 05, 2023
Very pleased with the condition of this brass. Mine was clean, shiny and without dents. Perfect for my reloading requirements.

9mm used brass

By Robert J. on Apr 16, 2023
Good brass for the money. Will buy again when I need more 9mm brass.

5 STARS for value rating of this purchase!

By James C. on Mar 27, 2023
5 STARS for value rating of this purchase!

Brass was mixed new (90%) & reloaded (10%) indoor (or covered) range pickups. No damaged cases noted, very clean but I will polish after depriming! Exceptional buy when you consider the luxury price of new! Quick, well packaged delivery, too! Would NEVER complain on such a deal.


By Mark M. on Mar 03, 2023
This brass is in good condition and almost clean. The price combined with reasonable shipping charge makes this the best value in once fired brass I have seen in MANY years! I bought two thousand pieces and am hoping to buy more.

1000 used 9mm brass

By Carlos U. on Feb 17, 2023
The brass arrived quickly. Used primers still present. Mostly clean brass. It's exactly what I wanted and expected. Thank you Grafs!

Very Pleased

By Lee V. on Feb 16, 2023
Brass is in good condition. Can't beat the price on these casings. I Looking forward to loading a tray or two.
Thanks Grafs!

9mm brass, bulk

By James F. on Jan 04, 2023
Brass was as expected. Will need to be cleaned, but "as advertised". Arrived in a timely manner, but box was falling apart. Didn't lose any brass thanks to the plastic bag inside the box.

9mm range brass

By Bill M. on Dec 30, 2022
just as ordered great price at this day and time no surprises and i'll order again

range brass

By Peter H. on Dec 30, 2022
Brass arrived quickly as normal with Graf's. Clean, only couple 380's, very good 12 days of Christmas price.

1000 pc 9mm brass

By Christopher M. on Dec 28, 2022
Overall a good deal. Sorted and found 20 that were previously reloaded at extreme pressures. Considering it was range brass, acceptable.

Range brass

By David G. on Dec 26, 2022
Great value, clean , will buy again

9 mm brass, 1000 ct.

By Michael G. on Dec 20, 2022
Excellent brass. Came clean outside & in (inside appeared 85% as shiny as new brass). Spray lubed & sized w/Lee carbide sizer, then tumbled. Had 3 rejections: a .380 case, a Berdan primer pocket, & 1 which wouldn't slide into the shell holder. Of the lot, 474 were (in order) FC, Speer, W-W, and R-P cases. The 4 w/bent lips were easily straightened w/needle nose pliers, then sized. Of the name-brand cases, they requited little or no trimming to get to .749 (the other cases haven't been checked). Good brass at a great price. Will buy again if needed.

Accurate Count; correct caliber

By Tom B. on Dec 20, 2022
Always pleased with purchases from Graf. I deprimed & cleaned. Good count, only few wrong caliber. And a great price.

Good Range Pickup Brass for the money

By Ken N. on Dec 20, 2022
Great cheap range brass I do my usual brass wash (1) tablespoon of Lemon Shine + (1) tablespoon of Dawn Dish soap concentrate to each gallon of water. Soak in 5- gallon bucket 20-30 minutes. Pour into another bucket with noodle colander on top ( yes you can find a cheap plastic one that fits a 5- gallon bucket perfectly ) rinse real well. Let dry then tumble in corncob media will look like new. That brass wash gets out all powder residue etc out and most tarnishing and if your brass is washed first your corncob media lasts a bunch longer.

Very good brass at a great price!

By Joseph M. on Dec 19, 2022
Order and shipping was smooth, as expected with Graf. I usually clean and process all my used brass anyway, so no problems. Only had 2 of .380 caliber out of 1,000. I'll order again and have been doing business with Graf for ears. Many thanks!

9mm brass

By James D. on Dec 19, 2022
So far, so good. Cleaned up well in the sonic cleaner.

Range pick up brass

By Barry L. on Nov 07, 2022
I’m not sure what semi processed means but the product is as described. It is range pick up brass. The count was accurate and it all appears to be the correct caliber. My order didn’t include any steel or nickel plated. A couple hours of wet tumbling and it all came out shiny.

Semi processed brass

By Zen R. on Jan 03, 2021
Have no idea what the "semi-processed" means other than they picked it up off the floor. Filthy dirty and required over 2 hours to semi clean in a tumbler, would not recommend.

Brass purchase

By Dan G. on Dec 15, 2020
Purchased this product because it was available. Very dirty. It may need wet tumbled prior to finish dry media tumbled. Priced high. I normally buy fully processed brass for less.
This brass was from outdoor ranges. Was the dirtiest brass I have ever purchased.

Used Brass

By John B. on Dec 09, 2020
First time buying this brass, I am well pleased, will buy again when I need brass.

9mm Brass

By Sam H. on Nov 11, 2020
Good quality, fast shipping, as described.

Range Brass

By James W. on Sep 04, 2020
Its range expect to do some cleaning. Its no different than what YOU pick up on a range.
It cleans up nicely. I had about 5 out of a thousand that were thrown away because they were damaged.
Good product.

9mm brass

By Louis G. on Aug 17, 2020
Good deal on range brass considering prices these days. I will probably buy more if still available.

Range brass

By Philip O. on Aug 14, 2020
The brass I received wasn’t that dirty I started loading it right away I’ll clean it after I fire it again. It was all shiny no dark tarnish cases and I haven’t found a junk case

Good cheap brass

By Joe O. on Aug 03, 2020
Yes these are shipped dirty - but it's range brass so I'm not sure what folks were expecting. I'm very pleased with them because the quantity was spot on, and the physical condition of the brass was great (only had one unrecoverable in my lot). If you want clean brass you have to pay for it, if you want cheap brass then expect to do some work. A couple of hours in my tumbler and they looked great. Even if they were shipped cleaner I'd still run them through the tumbler - the only ones I don't are brand new brass - so there's really zero additional work here for me.

Fired brass

By Floyd C. on Feb 08, 2019
The 9mm brass arrived in good shape and cleaned up easily.

OK range brass

By Josh H. on Dec 04, 2018
Brass was dirty, but cleaned up more easily than the other reviewer. I was hoping it was from a police range with a larger number of like branded cases. Some pretty good FC, WIN, and RP brass with a lot of other oddball stuff. I'll load the oddball stuff with lead bullets for plinking.

9 mm brass

By Warren J. on Aug 10, 2018
this brass being semi processed was disappointing. It had to be run through cleaning process three times before it was clean. It was so dirty and had some very sticky gook inside and outside. After cleaning I was able to DE-prime and clean the primer pockets without damaging the die. Other wise the product was great.Their 1000 count was off by 9 cases.Good product otherwise.
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