Lyman E-Zee Prime Hand Priming Tool

Lyman E-Zee Prime Hand Priming Tool
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Product Information

The system works with any popular brand of standard shellholder and allows instant changeover between primer sizes. Includes two primer trays, each of which incorporate their own built-in large or small primer punch assembly. There are no small parts to fuss with or lose. Each tray has a built-in shut-off gate to keep primers in place during change-over. The reloader simply removes the snap-in-place lock collar and installs the correct size primer tray and the shellholder as needed. Then, the lock collar is snapped in place and the change-over is complete. The primer trays also function as a primer flipper to properly orient primers for seating. The comfortable ergonomic design optimizes leverage to reduce hand fatigue.

  • Ergonomic shape reduces fatige
  • Accepts standard shellholders
  • Plenty of leverage, yet provides needed "feel" for precision primer seating
  • Integral primer tray & primer punch assembly - no parts to lose
  • Includes large & small primer tray/parts assemblies
  • Primer tray has a built-in shut-off gate to prevent spilling primers
  • Primer tray doubles as a primer flipper to orient primers

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It works….sort of…

By Carl C. on Jan 18, 2022
Like most of you all i have an assortment of shell holders from Lee RCBS Redding and Hornady. Far more lee than the others. Well this thing requires Lyman shell holders to properly seat the primers to depth.

While i was able to quickly start 100 primers in some 45/70 i still need to seat them on the upstroke with a singlestage.

It seems to be made well and i didn’t experience the fatigue of individually handling each primer to set with the lee turret press primer holder, but i will still need to “bump” the primer flush before loading.

It gets the star for the ease if starting the primers but it looses 4 for having to buy all new shell holders if i want to seat with it exclusively.

If you already have all Lyman shell holders this is a good value as ya don't need shell-holders. If you have an assortment of holders go with the RCBS or Lee. At least the lee has all the required shell holders in an inexpensive kit.

Lyman E-Zee Hand Priming tool

By John H. on Nov 18, 2016
I purchased the E-Zee priming tool back in July. When I received it the primers would not seat even or below of the case. I called Lyman and they asked if I tried different cases and large or small primers, and I did try different cases. They sent a new ram and it did work OK for a while. The primer no longer seats to depth so I called them back again and asked them if they could solve the problem or refund my money. After 2 weeks and sending e-mails with no response I would not give this product a good response!
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