Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Brass Tumbler 110 Volt

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Brass Tumbler 110 Volt
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Brass Tumbler 110 Volt
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Brass Tumbler 110 Volt
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Brass Tumbler 110 Volt
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Product Information

The Frankford Arsenal® Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler delivers a whole new level of brass cleaning performance. When rotary tumbled with Frankford's stainless steel pins in a liquid bath, brass will get much cleaner and work much faster than ultrasonic or vibratory tumbling methods. The small stainless pins remove carbon from inside cases and primer pockets to deliver like new brass. The large volume drum holds up to 1000 pieces of .223 brass and has a molded-in rubber lining to protect brass and dampen noise during operation. A built-in timer in the base can be set to run from 0 to 3 hours shutting off automatically. A set of sifting end caps is also included to assist in separating the stainless media once tumbling is complete.

The tumbler can effectively clean without the use of stainless media pins with a mixture of Frankford Brass Cleaning Solution and water (use of media pins ensures primer pockets and inside of cases are perfectly clean). Five pounds of 304 stainless media pins and a sample packet of Frankford Brass Cleaning Solution are included. It's the most effective brass cleaning process available with a large 7 liter capacity.


  • With a large 7-liter capacity this tumbler can clean up to 1,000 cases of .223 brass at a time
  • Features a maintenance-free drive train that eliminates the chances of needing to replace a belt and has a built-in timer in the base that can be set to run for up to 3 hours, shutting off automatically
  • This tumbler can effectively clean without the use of stainless steel media pins and can clean using a mixture of brass cleaning solution and water
  • This tumbler features a dual-layer drum with noise dampening rubber lining for minimal noise while running


*This tumbler comes with 5 pounds of 304 Stainless Steel Media (enough for hundreds of washes) and a sample packet of Frankford Arsenal Brass Cleaning Solution

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Read 12 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

Great product

By Kent S. on Sep 15, 2022
Finally made the jump from the vibratory tumbler to the liquid.
What a world of difference!!! I should have done it a long time back.

Best way to clean cases and rocks!

By Ken K. on Apr 15, 2021
I've used vibratory dry tumblers for years, and this is hands down far and above as far as the amount of cleaning and the quickness of the process. 7 or 800.223 brass are no problem in 2 hours. Read the review by James H.;
What he says is the process that you should use and another reviewer said every once in a while you will have a stainless steel pin stuck in a primer pocket so be very careful there and give them a once-over before you go to reprime.

Great Tumbler

By . on Jan 01, 2021
After doing a bunch of 9mm - 2hours in walnut and 2 hours in corncob dry tumbling. I decided to use the Frankford wet tummbler with stainless media pins and soap....the water came out black and after drying the brass looked better than factory brand new! I am a class 7 FFL, this is a must for resellers! Don't discard wet tumbling, have only been doing it a couple of months but beats all of the dry tumbling I have been doing for years!

Best Tumbler Out There!!!

By Bryce H. on Jul 03, 2020
Nice and quiet.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Tumbler is a must

By Paul C. on May 13, 2020
This tumbler works amazingly! Over 700 pieces of brass (6.5 and .223) for 2 hours and they loosened. Cleaned inside of the primer pockets and the case. I would definitely recommend. The issues that I had was the cleaning packet was busted inside the box and didn't get to try the solution out. The tumbler wouldn't turn at first because the solution was on the rollers. But a little alcohol cleaned it perfectly and now it works great.

WARNNING about primer pockets

By George L. on Jan 24, 2019
Read all the reviews above and agree that this is a very good overall system but I found one problem that I did not see other reviews addressing. In about one out of 500 or so pieces of brass I will find a PIN stuck in the primer pocket. Develop a regiment whereby you check EVERY primer pocket. You don't want to start priming brass and have a primer not seat because you have a pin in the pocket. Also; the Franklin solvent you receive with this package is corrosive. I recently purchased the RCBS brand, haven't used it yet but the instruction indicate it not only it's corrosive but should remain unwashed from the brass.

Elvis has entered the building

By Dennis Q. on Jan 29, 2016
Just like Elvis, it doesn't get any better than this!!! (triple exclamation).
I got the tumbler/dryer combo when it was on special.
I've run give or take 5000 9mm range brass that was already run through a vibrator, which still had hard carbon scale and media residue inside. We all know what a pain it is to try to deal with both issues; either q-tips or steel wool if you it truly clean brass. (and that doesn't work too well, let alone so time consuming).
Well, 1000 rds at a time, run time: 1hour, a quick 15 minute second rinse, 1 hour in the dryer; result; factory new brass, period, end of story. No carbon, no residue, not beat and scarred, just beautiful clean and polished brass. Each load in about the same time it takes to run a load of laundry...
Why didn't I do this years ago? Why are you still doing the hard way.
I've tried lots of different cleaners, methods, this is it, cheap (1/4 tsp dawn dish soap and a touch of citric acid from the canning section at Wally world), just easy.
Do it....


By James H. on May 22, 2015
The frankford arsenal rotary tumbler is the best brass cleaning method I have ever used in forty years of reloading, but it seems from some of the reviews that not every one has the method down pat, so here it is.
Make sure you use a little soap on the top of the rim (outside) of the see through cover as it makes getting a leak proof seal much easier. Put one lid on and pour in your brass and five pounds of pins. Then use 4 caps full of the cleaning solution and fill to the bevel just below the top with hot water. Tap water is fine. Install the other cover plate and with 500 9mm cases set on one hour. Now here’s the part some have missed. Remove from spinner unit and remove the one cover in a vertical position then carefully pour the water into a five gallon bucket. Refill with fresh water, shake a little and pour out the rinse water. Do the same thing again. THEN, after pouring out all the water into the bucket, pour the cases and pins into a spinning media sifter and spin for about one minute. All but a very few pins will be in the bottom of the sifter or the rinse bucket and easily picked up with the pin magnet and dumped back into their storage container. Pour the cleaned cases onto a large bath towel and roll them around until drip free. Then spread them onto a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for one hour. This is the best procedure I have ever seen. ENJOY!

Good as New

By Larry W. on May 30, 2014
Follow directions and your brass will come out shiny, bright and clean. Let brass dry and reload. It takes a little time separating the brass from stainless media. I used a fine wire strainer from the kitchen which is now in my reloading tools. Use a magnet to pickup stay media on floor and work area.


By Thomas K. on May 20, 2014
My first wet tumbler. I wanted the "red" unit, but it was out of stock, so I took a chance on the lower cost Frankford tumbler from Graf--I'm glad I did. Robust, easy to use, and all you need is included. Tumbling a thousand 9mm cases works well, but I find it difficult to drain without spilling cases & pins. Limit to 300 cases & I find it easy to nearly drain the tank without losing a pin. Pickup magnet is handy, but I don't need it for the smaller amounts. I also don't need Lemi Shine for good results--I have a water softener. Great unit.

Great Stuff

By Steve D. on Mar 29, 2014
Very robustly built system. should provide many years of service. Everything you need to get started wet cleaning your brass is included in the kit. Well worth the asking price! Too bad it isn't made in the USA.

WOW Amazing

By John D. on Mar 28, 2014
I've read online-reviews saying how nice the brass gets cleaned with wet tumbling. I wanted a unit a bit larger than the common "red" unit thats on the market.

My first test was 500 NASTY 308 range pickups. In 60 minutes they look as good as new.

The unit came fully assembled, the only setup was to screw the caps onto the drum. The timer works easily, and the unit has low vibrations.

I'm a believer in wet cleaning now.
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