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Add this spare mount to additional guns to allow a single Brass Cather to be quickly moved from gun to gun quickly and easily. Includes spare mount and fastener.

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Great product

By Dale K. on Mar 22, 2021
I bought two brass catchers and two extra mounts.
I now catch all my brass and leave the range or woods a happy shooter

Works great

By Michael E. on Dec 11, 2019
I purchased an extra for my other upper. Now I don't have to switch them from rifle to rifle. They work great so far.

Necessary But Expensive.

By Michael M. on Apr 21, 2019
To be able to use a Cauldwell brass catcher on multiple rifles, it was necessary to purchase extra picatinny rail mounts. They do serve their purpose but are expensive and of poor design. You will need to hold the movable clamp piece into the rail while attaching to prevent damage to both the rail and mount.

Brass Catcher Mounting Block

By Matthew N. on Oct 10, 2018
Works fairly decent. Could be a little tighter fitting and lower profile to work better with different optic configurations. I wish it stuck out further to work better with LR308 type rifles.

Defective part...

By Dave R. on Oct 29, 2017
Ordered two of these spare mounts made in China to go along with original bag and mount I already have.

One of the two works great whereas the second one simply won't completely attach and is quite loose despite the screw being tightened all the way. As best as I can figure the moving part was machined incorrectly.

Caldwell Picatinny Brass Catcher mounting block

By John H. on Nov 17, 2016
The Caldwell brass catcher for picatinny rail ARs is a great product, but it was inconvenient to have to buy a complete catcher just to be able to use it on several rifles. Users have been asking to buy just the mounting block since the beginning. Now I can put a block on each rifle and be able to use a single basket. I can assign each of my two catchers to the most used rifles, and still have a mount on the others. A welcome addition to a great product.
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