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Developed by the Hunter Company of Colorado, this durable leather and nylon sling is build to endure the toughest hunts and comes with Hogue® sling swivels for maximum strength and durability.

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Nice sling that could stand just a bit of improvement

By Bruce J. on Jan 21, 2016
This is a nice sling. What you can't see in the image, and what's not said in the description is that the inside of the leather is a neoprene pad that makes the sling nice and comfy for carrying.
What you can sort of see in the pic is that the ends of the sling's nylon straps are not tied down in any fashion, nor are they finished. They're just cut with a hot knife (sealing the ends of the nylon) and left for the user to finish.

This is just manufacturing laziness at the top end of the sling. What little bit of adjustment afforded by the short piece of nylon is pointless. It would be a lot more useful if they'd just sew the end of the strap into a loop through the swivel.
At the bottom end, the loose end is acceptable - it leaves the user the opportunity to adjust the length to suit their own needs - but to make the sling a complete package the strap needs another keeper or buckle. As it is, with only one buckle, either the loose end is going to flap around or the end that passes through the sling is going to be an open loop. Neither is particularly helpful.

Regardless, these shortcomings can be fixed by the purchaser, and the sling is a good deal for the money.
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