Forster Powder Funnel with Long Drop Tube

Forster Powder Funnel with Long Drop Tube
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Product Information

This funnel and drop tube combination can add from three to eight more grains of powder to your load, depending on the specific case you're using. The momentum of the powder dropping down the tube results in a larger volume by weight, so it's not necessary to compress the charge. The funnel works best with 4831 powder and other slow burning powders when full capacity loads are desired.

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Long drop tube

By Leonardo G. on Jan 23, 2023
This funnel is the difference between the rice crispy sound when seating bullets and no crunch. Using this funnel has helped when needing to seat at mag length. For a particular load, the powder would sit at the neck/shoulder junction and using this funnel has allowed the powder to sit around 1/8” lower. Add an electric toothbrush against the case while using this funnel and it really settles that powder even lower. Only gripe is that you need to hold the funnel while dropping your powder as it does not stay balanced on the case mouth.

Works perfectly for the 30br

By JEFF O. on Jan 04, 2023
An absolute must for the 30br reloaders.

Great Funnel but...

By Candice J. on Sep 02, 2020
Funnel and tube do allow for more powder in a case, but it wasnt ready to use out of the bag.

Funnel needed deburring and some fine sandpaper to clean up molding lines and flash. The drop tube mouth is somewhat too large for .223 and had some powder leakage. If held firmly and exactly aligned with the case powder spillage can be minimized. It won't spill with larger case mouths.
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