Forster High Pressure Case Resizing Lube Liquid 2 Ounce

Forster High Pressure Case Resizing Lube Liquid 2 Ounce
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It requires tremendous force to drive an unlubricated case into a full length resizing or forming die. But, the wrong lubricant can ruin cases or break shell holders. Our high-pressure lubricant adheres to the case when it's forced into the die and you can barely feel the cases enter and exit the die. This high quality lubricant makes resizing easy and it saves your equipment.

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By Randall R. on Aug 10, 2020
Really works well for the toughest cases....I use it on 50 bmg and 338 lapua and never a problem.

Excellent Product

By Fred K. on Jun 18, 2019
Like it probably better than Imperial Die Wax.

Great Alternative to std pad lubes.

By Robert B. on Dec 13, 2018
Ive used the RCBS lube pads for YEARS...The newly reformulated RCBS pad lube is now thicker than axle grease. This Forrester Case Lube is a great alternative. It flows with the viscosity of Honey and is easy to put where you wantbit, in the amout that you want. Soaks in fine.
I used it first time case forming. Beautiful results..
I use a lot if Imperial Sizing Wax and it is great stuff. Will continue to use it.. but Forrester Lube for running larger batches, little faster process, easy to roll the necks on the pas for a little inside neck lube. AND.. the clean up is easy. Two 1/2 paper towels with some rubbing alcohol wiped all traces off 100 cases..
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