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The new Ammunition Concentricity Tool is the first tool on the market to both identify and eliminate bullet runout. Just place ammunition in the tool, roll it, identify runout, and use the dial indicator to adjust runout to zero! It can be used to true-up factory ammunition, too.  Includes Dial Indicator (Dial caliper not included.)

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Definitely needs adjustment

By CARLOS S. on Sep 10, 2020
would work as it's supposed to however the medium size center that came installed on the unit is not machined properly, if I hold the loaded round to keep it from turning and just turn the ball and center it gives me a 0.002" variance, the larger center is much better, I have not tried the small hole center as I don't have any loaded rounds that fit it.

Works Great But Needs Some Tweaking

By John B. on Nov 17, 2019
I recently bought this tool from a local source, have an RCBS gauge now but using reamed cut-off barrel ends to move the bullet in case. Pain in the neck and SLOW so I was interested in the adjustment knob on the Hornady. It worked fast and simple, they should all be designed to adjust the concentricity as well as check it. I did have a problem with the adjustment knob, the plastic lump on the end to protect the bullet from damage lasted about 100 rounds and fell off. Bought a bag of 25 10-32 nylon acorn nuts from Walmart for $8. and simply flattened the rounded tops with a sander. Now several hundred rounds later it shows no signs of wear or damage and they work better with larger bearing point. Pick up some spare o-rings for the dial indicator shaft, they will break or loosen at some point so its about [email protected] well spent. Checked its accuracy against the RCBS and they were both reading the same. With practice you will get pretty fast and its eye opening the difference with different dies on finish loaded rounds. Would recommend for shrinking groups.

Works like it should

By Michael E. on Jul 09, 2019
Does work as it is supposed to but I did have to clean up the end where the bullet sits in. Was marking the bullet with a ring that was cut pretty deep. Once I got that smoothed out the gauge works just fine. I haven't fired any straightened rounds yet.
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