HORNADY 30c (.308) 168gr BTHP BULLET MATCH 100/BX

HORNADY 30c (.308) 168gr BTHP BULLET MATCH 100/BX
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Product Information

All Hornady® Match™ bullets feature revolutionary AMP® (Advanced Manufacturing Process) bullet jackets. Developed by Hornady® engineers, these bullet jackets are a technological advancement in design, tooling and manufacturing that combine to produce the most consistently concentric bullet jackets available. These proven AMP® jackets are the foundation for exceptional bullet accuracy and have virtually zero runout and near zero wall thickness variation. Coupled with precision swaged cores and manufactured to the tightest standards in the industry, all Hornady® Match™ bullets provide superior consistency, high ballistic coefficients and unprecedented levels of accuracy.

  • SECANT OGIVE PROFILE:  The geometric profile works to produce low drag and flatter trajectories. The secant ogive design also provides the optimum bearing surface for stability in flight and the best ballistic coefficient possible.
  • SWAGED LEAD CORE:  The swaging process provides excellent uniformity and balance for consistent performance and accuracy.
  • AMP® JACKET:  The jacket has virtually zero runout and near zero wall thickness variation.
  • BOATTAIL:  The angle and length of the boattail is unique and optimized for each caliber and weight of Match™ bullets to maximize ballistic coefficient and performance.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Technical Notes

CALIBER:  30 Cal. .308" BTHP






APPLICATION:  Target/Match


ITEM #:  30501

Read 13 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

hornady .308

By Terry A. on Jul 21, 2023
great accurate shooters !!!


By Karl Z. on Apr 17, 2023
Great accuracy out if these with my tikka.

Excellent accuracy

By Mark H. on Mar 08, 2023
Used in a Remington 700 AAC SD, mixed military brass with xx.x grains IMR 4895. This bullet grouped 5 shots into a half inch at 100 yards on a windy day, what's not to like?

Hornady .308 168gr HPBT Bullets

By Greg B. on Mar 08, 2023
Good performing bullet at a good price. Shooting a custom Encore pistol and got 1 ragged hole & 1 close flyer in a 5 shot gp at 50 yards.

168gr awesomeness!

By Brian W. on Jan 26, 2023
Best bullet to shoot if you're shooting a 308 hands down! Extremely accurate!

Great value for a great bullet

By Ryan J. on Nov 20, 2022
I load these in my M1 Garand exclusively. When working up a match load, I tried match bullets from Sierra, Lapua and Nosler. Tried the Hornady's just for fun, thinking so cheap a bullet could not be as good. Some 10 years later, I'm still shooting the Hornady 168. They were the most accurate in this rifle, both on the 200 yard JCG course and the 600 yard HP/EIC course. They will shoot a 600 clean if you do your part! The tips also seem to hold up to the violent action of the M1 Garand better than other match bullets. I shoot the 155 version in my Swiss straight pulls with equally impressive results.

Super Accurate, Great Price

By Gabriel H. on Aug 05, 2022
Sub 0.5 MOA groups on IMR 4064 with Lapua SRP brass all day long. Shipped fast and looked great when it arrived

Excellent Match bullets

By Chris C. on Oct 08, 2020
I use these in several of my 30cal rifles . Excellent accuracy and much better price than others .

Great bullet

By David R. on Oct 05, 2020
Great bullet accurate

Extreme accuracy

By Michael D. on Aug 13, 2020
Loaded these for my Savage Axis in 300AAC Blackout and get consistent sub inch groups at 100 yards.


By James R. on Nov 07, 2019
Is accurate with the right powder/load. And the price is right.

Accurate bullet

By Brad V. on Feb 18, 2019
Seems just as accurate as the Sierra version for less money. Win win.

How to step up your game!

By Mike S. on Feb 07, 2019
If shooting a .308 the 168gr bullet rocks. This Hornady bullet took my Remington 700 SPS from a 1" group at 100 yards down to .316" first time out. Hope I can even tweek it more.
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