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Hornady Custom-Grade™ New Dimension™ Dies are the most advanced reloading dies available today. They’re created from select steel that’s heat-treated to ensure it’s got the durability needed for a lifetime of reloading. Custom-Grade New Dimension Dies are so well crafted, they’re guaranteed never to break or wear out from normal use, or they’ll be repaired or replaced at no cost. Includes full-length size die and seating die with expander assembly. Shellholder sold separately.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Hornady .458 Socom dies

By Tim C. on Mar 05, 2024
My second set of these SERIES III dies from Hornady. Very nicely finished, once adjusted produces high quality 458 Socom ammunition with no weapon function problems. Seating a long 500 grain spitzer was no problem and the drop-down seating guide holds the bullet true and aligned with the mouth of the case during seating. There is also a bonus free bullets available with these dies at this time. Cheers!

458 socom

By Scott C. on Apr 17, 2023
These dies work great. They run flawless in my ar with full length sizing and leaving no headspace. Highly recommend.

Hornady .458 Socom dies work great.

By Bill P. on Jul 26, 2019
As expected, the Hornady Series III dies are smooth and precise. Really love the elliptical expander ball that Hornady uses to size necks without stretching the brass -- especially important when you are working with a cartridge case as expensive as the .458 Socom.

Watch Out Hit or miss dies for 458 SOCOM

By John F. on Sep 29, 2012
Good day,
Please beware w/ these dies and the 458 SOCOM. Been a solid Hornady customer and have always received peak performance from thier products.......Until now. I saw the die reviews and called hornady techs to ensure problems mentioned in the other reviews were fixed. Hornady swore that the problems were no longer an issue. Bought the dies....in March 2012. Built my reloads......Constant jams, bolt lock ups, and ejection problems w/ my RRA. Thought the problem was the weapon. RRA worked w/ me for 3 months, sent parts, and was awesome. Had same problems w/ Corbon ammo. Called Hornady and Corbon and discussed. Both said undoubtedly was the RRA rifle. Worked w/ RRA and Tech there asked if I was using an SRB case guage. Said no and bought one.
Surprise! None of my reloads were w/in spec (neither was the corbon ammo). Passed my discovery to Hornady and my 3 months of wasted time. Was asked a million questions on reloading techniques. Provide 5 page write up and sent in resizing die w/ spent brass (at my expense). Another two months wasted. Hornady wrote back that die was in specs and said all they did was polished the die. Insinuated nicely, I was not using dies properly and my error (been reloading for 45 years and never have had a problem).
Funny thing. Now resized cases just barely meets specs...Still tight in case guage. Note: All reloads and factory ammo meeting case guage specs.....Feed and eject perfectly.
I told Hornady after all the trouble I went through and the fact they swore the problem was not their dies, they should do something for time and trouble. Basically told me nicely..my fault..their dies were perfect.... I'm very disapointed. Going to buy the Redding Dies now and no longer use Hornady products due to the very poor customer service. They're great talking to you, but if their fault....will not admit and will not compensate......Very sad 30 + years of buying Hornady products......
Lessons learned for other SOCOM owners:
1) Buy a case guage first and ensure all ammo meets specs
2) RRA is awesome for customer service - even when not their fault!
3) Corbon ammo was out of spec, but they will take care of you
4) Listen to the reviews even though you have had good luck w/ a company and their products.....Hornady too bad for you in the future!
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