Dillon Rapid Trim Size Trim Die 303 British

Dillon Rapid Trim Size Trim Die 303 British
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Size/trim die only.  For use with Dillon 1200B Rapid Trim Case Trimmer, sold separately.

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Makes a tedious job extremely easy and fast!

By Dan D. on Jul 22, 2023
These Dillon rapid case trimmers set up on your press with a motorized head (I use a Bouch router adaptor and end mill in the collet) make quick work of trimming cases. Set up in a progressive press you can wet tumble the cases afterwards with pins which smooths out the case mouths so no beveling needed usually. With the case feeder going they run through the press and get cleanly and accurately trimmed about as fast as you would normally run the press. I have them for 223, 308, 30-06, 303 and will continue to add others for cartridges I shoot a lot of.
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