Forster Die Lock Ring Cross Bolt

Forster Die Lock Ring Cross Bolt
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Improvement to Cross Bolt Die Lock Rings. A socket cap screw is now used to lock the ring in place. The improvement allows you to make fine adjustments without “pushing” on the ring as you are snugging it up. Fits any standard 7/8″ x 14 dies.

Forster Products has solved two problems common to many reloaders: misaligned die locking rings and damaged die threads. Either of those situations can occur when a locking ring cross-screw is fastened too tightly or if the locking ring threads are improperly mated with the die threads. Forster’s locking ring design features an easy to use cross bolt that connects the two ends of the ring instead of a traditional screw design that tightens directly into the threads of the die. The result is a more reliable alignment with no canting and no damage to the die threads which remain untouched by the cross bolt. Tightening or loosening the cross bolt requires a 7/64″ hex wrench. The Forster cross bolt locking ring will fit any manufacturer’s standard 7/8″ X 14 dies. They are supplied with all Forster’s high quality Bench Rest® Dies.

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Forster Lock Ring

By Paul S. on Oct 17, 2020
Only way to go if you are using a Forster press. The lock rings that come with most does are too thin and move in the Forster press. Will be buying more of these

Forster Die Lock Ring Cross Bolt

By Tom H. on Oct 13, 2020
As many manufactures dies come with lock rings that have set screws, the Forster are the best and a must have with the coax press.

Forster Die Lock Rings

By Earl M. on Mar 08, 2020
These are absolutely necessary for a Forster Co-Ax press and fit perfectly. I highly recommend these lock rings.

Perfect for Redding dies and Co Ax press

By Scott S. on Jan 15, 2020
Purchased these rings to use with my Master Hunter dies and Co Ax press. Fits the bill perfectly and Grafs delivered on time and shipment was well packaged.

Must have for Bonanza press

By Edward B. on Jan 13, 2020
These rings are sized to give a perfect interference fit for Co-Ax and (predecessor) Bonanza presses. They engage a detent friction retainer so they don't slide around while in use.

Best lock ring ever

By David S. on Jan 01, 2020
These lock rings are required for use with their Co-Ax press. Even if you do not use their press these rings are super easy and accurate to set, adjust, and they hold their setting.

Must have for Co-ax press

By Jason S. on Jan 29, 2019
Must have for Co-ax press, perfect fit for your dies in the Co-ax press
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