BPI WAD 20ga SPORT SHORT 7/8 to 1oz LEAD 250/BAG

BPI WAD 20ga SPORT SHORT 7/8 to 1oz LEAD 250/BAG
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Product Information

The SG20-S is designed to accommodate bulky powders, large shot payloads or low-volume tapered hulls. The shotcup of the SG20-S is the same depth as the SG20-L.

The cushion section of the SG20-S is comprised of a large tubular reducer that accommodates many different load heights and offers excellent inertia absorption during the firing process.

The best range for the SG20-S is approximately 25-45 yards, making it a great wad for upland game hunters and clays shooters alike. Our best results tend to be with 7/8-ounce lead loads although we often use 1 ounce of #6 or #7 for hunting loads.

  • Optimum range: 25-45 yards
  • Mid-range utility loads
  • High speed load production
  • Going-away targets
Technical Note: The SG20 Series can be loaded with the X-Stream spreader for fantastic short-range spreader loads. (Wad petals must be removed prior to loading the X-Stream insert).

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SG20-S wads

By Keith D. on Jul 08, 2020
Great wads at a very reasonable price. I use them in 2 1/2" 20 ga. loads for my vintage guns with 7/8 oz shot loads. Solves the "too tall to crimp properly" issue frequently encountered with short vintage gun loads.
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