Prvi Partizan Brass 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50

Prvi Partizan Brass 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50
Prvi Partizan Brass 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50
Prvi Partizan Brass 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50
Item #:PPC65X55
$0.88 per piece
Shipping: One flat fee of $12.95 per online order.
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Volume Discounts:
Rounds Units Savings Price per Unit Total Price
50 1 <none> $43.99 $43.99
500 10 Save 5% $41.79 $417.90
1000 20 Save 10% $39.59 $791.82
Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Imported from Serbia. Fully reloadable brass cases. Accept boxer primers. This is not loaded ammunition.

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Prvi Partizan Brass 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Unprimed Bag of 50

By Ken H. on Feb 08, 2024
Great product! High Quality. great pricing!


By George C. on Jan 12, 2024
Best brass for the price, needs to be worked, after that it's as good as the expensive stuff


By Jesse H. on Dec 08, 2023
run this over an expander ball before loading. pleasantly surprised with the consistency! Didn't have to change my load at all switching from Winchester brass and got great accuracy!

6.5X55 Brass

By Geof S. on Dec 01, 2023
This is great brass at a great price.

PPU Swede 6.5x55 brass

By Gary D. on Oct 31, 2023
Very nice brass. I had shot a box of the loaded PPU 6.5x55 ammo. I was so pleased with the loaded ammo that I bought the PPU brass and same PPU bullet. I'm using these components to load reduced charge ammo. I'm very content with these loads.

6.5x55 PPU brass

By Bill B. on Aug 18, 2023
Great brass, good price and quick shipping (5 days). Just wish they would add a filter to sort projectiles by weight.

6.5x55 PPU brass

By Barry B. on Jul 14, 2023
PPU brass is my "go to" brass for several cartriges I reload for. The quality is usually very good and the price is spot on. It may not be Lapua, but it works just fine for me and at half the price! Glad that Graf's continues to stock this brand.

Can't be beat!

By Gerald G. on Apr 03, 2023
Been using PPU brass more and more lately. It's cheaper than what most sites want for once fired and the quality is up there with the more expensive brands.

Swede brass

By Tracy M. on Jan 23, 2023
Good brass. All of my previous loads in Remington brass have worked perfectly for this as well. Very uniform and good primer pockets

6.5x55 Swede by PPU

By Isaac M. on Dec 28, 2022
Proven performance and quality. Great value! Thank you Grafs for the prompt delivery!

6.5x55 PPU Brass

By Ronald Y. on Dec 07, 2022
Proven performance in both vintage CG military and S&L target rifles. Solid value.

Quality 6.5 X 55 Se Brass! Unbeatable price!

By Glen S. on Nov 25, 2022
I have shot and reloaded ammo using PPU since buying my first 6.5 x 55 rifle. It has never let me down. Great stuff at a great price and the quickest shipping service I've ever gotten on internet order ever!

6.5 Swede PPU Brass

By Keith E. on Nov 23, 2022
PPU always delivers high quality brass, and the 6.5 Swede is no exception. High quality at a great price!

PPU makes excellent brass

By Ralph B. on Nov 07, 2022
I have been trying to find 7.5x54 mas brass to no avail. This 6.5 Swede brass is excellent to reform. A little lube and the right sizing die and you now have 7.5 mas brass. Thanks for the fast delivery too Grafs.

6.5x55 swede brass

By David P. on Jul 07, 2020
this is great brass, and it won't send you to the poor house . i have a lot of rifles in this caliber and will buy again .

6.5x55 Swede brass

By Joseph W. on Dec 13, 2019
These are a great value, very consistent and good quality. Will buy more if i need more brass in this chambering.

6.5 Swede Brass

By Travis P. on Aug 26, 2019
Have used PPU brass for a very long time and it's great stuff for the money. Their 6.5 Swede brass so far is doing the job as intended.

Great brass!

By Wilmer G. on Jul 17, 2019
This is great brass for most uses and at a great price! Seems to be very consistent quality for imported brass.

6.5 X 55 Swede Brass

By David V. on Jan 02, 2019
Primer pocket on PPU new unprimed is really tight. Helps a little if you ream first. Good price
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