HORNADY 22c (.224) 75gr ELD MATCH BULLET 100/BX

HORNADY 22c (.224) 75gr ELD MATCH BULLET 100/BX
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Product Information

ELD® Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield® tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from bullet to bullet, lot to lot.

Superior accuracy and industry leading ballistic design has been achieved with the ELD Match bullet. An optimum secant ogive and boattail design along with the Heat Shield tip produce a bullet with the highest possible ballistic coefficient in its class.

  • BEST-IN-CLASS BCS:  The Heat Shield® tip is immune to the effects of aerodynamic heating and retains its shape to provide a perfect meplat (tip) that is always the same shape.
  • DELIVERS THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF ACCURACY AND CONSISTENCY.:  Streamlined secant ogive with optimum boattail design + highly concentric AMP® bullet jackets + Heat Shield® tip creates a supremely accurate, high BC match bullet.
  • ACCURATE, DOPPLER RADAR VERIFIED BCS:  ELD® Match bullet BCs are measured with Doppler radar and corrected to standard atmospheric conditions.
  • THE PERFECT TIP!  The new Heat Shield® tip creates the perfect meplat and outperforms BTHP bullets.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Technical Notes

CALIBER:  22 Cal. .224"




TWIST RATE:  1-8" (Minimum Recommended)


APPLICATION:  Target/Match


ITEM #:  22791

Read 8 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars


By Jose C. on Oct 23, 2023
best bullets for long range in 22 cal. 100%

best 224 target projectiles

By Richard M. on Oct 21, 2022
love the bullets

Hornady 75gr eld match

By Mike D. on Jul 27, 2020
Excellent bullets for the price.

Hornady 75gr eld match

By John S. on Sep 08, 2019
Excellent bullets for the price.

Top performer in all aspects

By S Peter P. on Jun 17, 2019
I shoot the 75 grain .224 ELDM in two 7.7 twist .22-.250's. The price is right - including small powder charges in the mid XX grain range. Good velocities - above 3150 fps. Good expansion on varmints. Good accuracy - most often 3 in one hole at 100 and about 1 1/2 inches at 300. Good ballistics - G7 BC= .235, SD=.214 & FF =.91. Not many .224 bullets have all this - the .224 75 ELDM bullet @ .22-.250 velocities is comparable (not always equal) to many bigger 6mm's and 6.5mm's for long range shooting but at far less cost, blast & recoil.

Good Quality

By David M. on Apr 07, 2019
Hornady makes quality products and these are no exception. Every bullet is uniform and this aides in accuracy. I had no problem getting 1/2 MOA groups at 100yds with these bullets.


By James H. on Feb 14, 2019
Hit a 2 inch hanging triangle 5 times in a row at a distance of 325 yards. Accuracy, good price and easy to load, what else could you ask for?

Easy to load

By Vernon D. on Jan 05, 2019
Never worked with the Hornady offering. Have always been SMK fan. These guys shoot! Worth a try and saves you cash.
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