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If you want the ultimate in hand priming tools - the K&M Primer will fit the bill. Benchrest Shooters seat the primer until they "feel" it just touch the bottom of the primer pocket. Consistency is the secret to seating.

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Read 9 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Priming tool

By Scott R. on Sep 21, 2023
Nice single feed priming tool well made and i like that its adjustable . Decision to purchase k&m over others is the use of lee shell holders

Well crafted, good design, reasonably price. What's not to like?

By Jeff Y. on Jun 06, 2023
First time buying a K&M product. It won't be my last. I love the positive feel of a primer being seated with my Precision Primer Seater. Very well designed. I like that the Lee holder is snuggly held in place. Also, it's about half the price of the alternative I was looking at. Great design


By Andy W. on May 19, 2023
When I realized that I needed to upgrade my old primer seating tool I borrowed one of these from a friend to try. I was impressed with it and ordered one. It is very well made and lets you feel when the primer just bottoms out which is how I like to seat my primers. I doubt that I will be able to wear this tool out.


By Mike M. on Jul 20, 2022
This is a very good primer seater, rivals my $129.99 one.

Well engineered

By Stan W. on Nov 19, 2019
I have been using this for my single loaded rifle ammo. Well built and functions perfectly. Cannot foresee ever having to buy another hand priming tool. Seating depth can be adjusted very easily. I like that it uses the Lee cartridge holders that I already had after wearing out two Lee hand priming tools

Primer Seater

By Rick T. on Jun 05, 2019
I'm new to reloading. I've done a lot of research, watched a lot of reviews on YouTube and talked to a lot of re-loaders. I knew I wanted an individual primer seater and felt this offered the best value. After using the product, I was convinced I made the right decision. I now feel confident when I seat that primer. Graf & Son's offered the best price and follow-up after the sale. Thank you!!

K&M Presision Primer Seater

By Victor S. on Mar 08, 2019
I've been using a K&M for 16 years and love it... Best value on the market... Needed an extra for at the range loading so I purchased another.....

Best hand primer I've found

By Al R. on Feb 07, 2019
When I finally wore out my old Lee hand primer tool (the one without the primer tray) I knew I wanted another that allowed me to feel the primer seating in the pocket. The new Lee primer tool with the tray doesn't do that for me and it's hard on my hand. Yes this tool requires you to load one primer at a time in the tool but the tool is fully adjustable and allows you to feel the primer seat in the pocket. It's made very well (no plastic) and as a bonus uses Lee shell holders. Last one I'll ever buy. Well worth the money and Graf has the best price I found. Highly recommend if you want a bench rest quality tool.

Ohhhhh Dang!

By Michael K. on Aug 27, 2018
When I lost my old Lee metal single primer loading tool I about cried like a big blubbery girl... Went through various plastic auto primes all of which broke on me... Then I found this beauty. I jumped on it. If it came to having to choose between my tool or the girlfriend I'm afraid she would be squatting on the curb waiting for the bus... Yeah, I like it that much...... Thank you Graf & Son.. You never disappoint.
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