Lee Breech Lock Single Stage Reloading Press

Lee Breech Lock Single Stage Reloading Press
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Product Information

An outstanding value. Exclusive balance lever that can't drop down to pinch your fingers. Unlimited hand clearance that only a "C" frame can offer. Works equally well with the right or left hand. Even if you already own a press, an extra press is always useful for decapping, bullet seating or bullet sizing. Accepts standard 7/8 x14 thread dies and standard Universal Press Shell Holders. 

Press includes one Breech Lock quick change bushing.

Can be mounted to the Lee Bench Plate system, sold separately.


WARNING: Handling live primers and spent primers may expose you to lead or other chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


WARNING: Steel parts in this product may be alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. To prevent exposure, do not alter the product by welding, grinding, etc.

Read 8 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.8 stars

Nice, small but useful

By James G. on Sep 22, 2023
Bought this as a small simple press for simple tasks such as decapping, case flaring and other duties. This keeps me from having to mess with the bigger press on simple tasks and I can keep the die in it and set as needed. Works very well, not sure it would last over a long period for full length magnum rifle resizing but I’ve also never tried.

Lee press

By Larry P. on Aug 05, 2023
Bought this press to use as a portable for range use. Wanted to use for load development and to de-prime cases for pressure checks. So far it has worked flawlessly

great auxiliary press

By David N. on Apr 12, 2023
For the price, this press is hard to beat. I use it for lighter duty things like bullet seating and case mouth flaring. For decapping and case sizing I prefer a heavier steel body O-frame press, but having both side by side works out well for my particular setup.

Best single stage reloader for the money

By Daniel P M. on Feb 08, 2022
I've been using one for Many many years and it has always given me great ammo!! This one I bought for my son, who is just getting started. I recommend this Press to everyone!

They work fine, but I consider them light duty

By Gregg C. on Apr 02, 2021
I have used these for years. And I've broken them occasionally when FL sizing.
I now use 2 of them for bullet sizing.

None Better For The Money

By Jon P. on Apr 13, 2019
I've used one for years to load everything from 380 Pistol to
.416 Ruger (tight fit) and it's done it fine. I'm not sure what you could get that would perform as well for as little as this one cost's. The paint is flaking off a little but other than that it works like new, If your not a high volume shooter that need a progressive or are using one for swaging this is a great value

Excellent Utility Press

By Raymond K. on Dec 07, 2018
I have owned one for many years now. I've used it for primer seating, decapping, complete pistol loading and rifle calibers up to 444 Marlin. This is not a heavy duty press but is surprisingly durable if taken care of. The linkage is far tighter than the RCBS partner press. You will not go wrong with this little gem. Not really suitable for constant heavy case forming or big magnum caliber rifle cases though I have done some of each at times. I keep it lubricated with STP oil treatment which is one of the best press lubricants out there. The Breech Lock version increases its versatility even more.

Lee Reloader Press

By Eric S. on Jun 25, 2012
I have this press set up at one end of the bench with a Lee universal decapping die and use it only for that purpose. I decap all my fired brass before cleaning it so as to clean out the primer cup as well.
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