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Complete your reloading bench with the Frankford Arsenal Primer Pocket Swager. Easily remove military crimp with this ergonomic upright designed swager that can be c-clamped or permanently mounted to any workbench. You no longer have to fiddle with aligning the primer pocket perfectly, simply utilize the included large and small case holders and the easy-to-use swing out access to quickly insert, swage and remove brass.

  • Ergonomic upright design with adjustable-position handle
  • Quick-change swage pin for large or small primer pocket use
  • Features a die-cast aluminum construction with a benchtop mounting feature
  • Adjustable brass positioning to ensure a centered swaging pin
  • Auto-eject case pin holder for easy loading and unloading (includes a large case holder and a small case holder)

Read 5 Reviews - Average Rating: 4 stars

Solid Product

By Timothy K. on Dec 28, 2020
This is a good, solid swager. I've swaged about 2K 5.56 and 1300 308 so far without any real issues. My only complaint is that there is just enough slop with the case stop that aligns the primer pocket where I get a much better experience using one hand to position the case just right while operating the handle with the other. Overall, it's a great product that will last a lifetime.

Will not swage .30-'06

By . on Aug 24, 2020
Would be a five star machine if it would swage the thousands of HXP and Lake City 30-06 cases that I have - the primary reason I purchased it. As designed it needs about 1.5 - 2 mm more clearance below the extractor plate. Would be really cool if it was noted this design flaw in the description.

Im considering milling the extractor plate a little thinner, since I have seventy bucks invested. It's useless as-is so I might as well take a chance on ruining it.

Excellent swagger

By Paul W. on Jun 19, 2020
I have swagged almost 5000 223 cases in the last week with this swagger. It is easy to use and very fast. If you stage a lot of brass, do yourself a favor and buy this.

Heavy duty

By Chad S. on May 13, 2020
Extremely well built and great ergonomics. Takes up minimal space on the bench. Easy to use works as good as any other pocket swager I've used. Cant beat the price compared to other manufacture of similar tool.

swager machine

By Charles M. on Aug 02, 2019
Makes primers fit real easy everybody should get one. C.McCool 08-02-2019
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