Peterson Brass 260 Remington Small Rifle Primer Unprimed Box of 50

Peterson Brass 260 Remington Small Rifle Primer Unprimed Box of 50
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Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

All 50 count listings of Peterson Cartridge casings come in one of their plastic ammo boxes.

Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: If you plan to load above SAAMI max pressure and are concerned about primer-pocket leak, Peterson recommends you try their .260 Remington SRP. While they do not suggest loading over SAAMI max pressures, Peterson's small primer pocket .260 Remington SRP have proven to hold up over SAAMI max pressures when tested in their universal receiver. 

The .260 Remington SRP Cartridge is manufactured on Peterson Cartridge’s new, state-of-the-art case line which uses cutting-edge technology to produce some of the most precise and consistent casings on the market. Peterson Cartridge Co is committed to producing Match-Grade Brass that enables our customers to get more reloads per casing than industry average.

Warning: Only use Peterson Cartridge Co. casings in firearms in good condition, designed, marked, and chambered for this cartridge. Do not use Peterson Cartridge Co casings for “fire forming” or any other purpose other than what they were designed and tested for. Peterson retains no responsibility for the enclosed casings if they are used outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


This is not loaded ammunition.

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Peterson Brass 260 Remington Small Rifle Primer

By S Peter P. on Mar 07, 2024
Nice brass! & nice plastic hinged box somewhat offsets extra cost for extra quality brass.
Large primers are not required for mid-sized rounds like the .260 Rem.. Many competitors prefer small primer rifle brass of this size with extruded powders like the 4350 types. I used my Peterson small primer .260 Rem brass to make .243 Win small primer brass. This involved necking down to .243 caliber, turning necks to fit my .243 Win chamber, & turning down the diameter of my Lee universal decap pin to .057 to fit inside the Peterson small primer flash holes. The results made me happy with sub MOA accuracy using .243 Win equivalent charges of various 4350 type powders with 105 grain bullets.

Awesome brass!

By Jason Y. on Jan 05, 2024
It really is good brass. I swear I noticed a bit of tightening up on my groups.

Peterson 260 Rem brass is quality

By Casidy C. on Nov 25, 2023
I have used Peterson brass since they were a small company and I've grown with them over the years. They do such incredible work and every time I crack open a fresh box of brass in just giddy with excitement. The quality and consistency is phenomenal and rivals that of Lapua. I've been able to bring my SD's down into the 3-5fps range just switching to the SRP brass. I switched over in the Creedmoor cases so it's an obvious switch for the 260. I have shot the smallest groups in my life with Peterson brass and for every new barrel I get, I'll get a couple of boxes of Peterson brass to go with it. Reading through the negative reviews blows my mind because that has never been my experience. While it is a premium product, you're still going to have to process it and get it ready to load and reload. Most of the negatives in the reviews I read were all user error and incredibly minor issues for those of us that have common sense and have been reloading very long. In my opinion, every precision rifle needs to at least try this brass, no matter the cartridge or caliber!

Only option

By Richard B. on Sep 28, 2023
I wanted to try small rifle primer brass in my 243 Ackley improved. This is the closest I could come for that. Brass necked down and formed perfectly. Just need to start load development now but things are looking good.

Peterson 260 SRP

By Patrick F. on Sep 06, 2023
Very Nice Brass

Accurate hunting load

By Moses J. on Aug 14, 2023
This is a nice setup for my savage 110 apex hunter. Loaded with cci400 and 127lrx, 1/2” groups, .2 grains off max load for large rifle primer load. 0.4 grains off max load for speer impact bullets, another 1/2” group. Don’t know speed as of now because I don’t have a chronograph yet. Happy with my purchase can’t wait to get more to last a lifetime.

Peterson .260 Rem SRP

By Dick P. on Jan 12, 2023
Works great. I've always had good results with Peterson Brass.

260 Remington brass

By Michael S. on Dec 12, 2022
Small primer brass allows higher pressure and i form a wildcat round with this brass it’s quality cant be beat

Converted to 243 win

By Jeff A. on Oct 11, 2022
I wasn’t able to find any 243 win srp brass, so I ordered a box of 260 rem srp brass. I simply removed the decaping pin assembly and ran the brass through my 243 win resize die. I picked a middle weight .243 bullet , and a mid weight powder charge, and foreformed. Brass is flawless! Great product!!

Peterson 260 Rem SRP brass

By Christopher S. on May 24, 2020
No need to sort brass by weight, there all within 1/2 grain. No need to debur flash holes, there are no burrs. The brass is even chamfered, and full length sized. I guess you could load these right out of the box...the box that is a nice plastic ammo box like I usually buy to hold my ammo. This will be the only brass I buy for precision rifle from now own. It cost twice as much, but it really is that much better.

Peterson Brass 260 Remington

By Bartley D. on Mar 23, 2020
Excellent brass its tough and holds up very well and Grafs is great also. Quick shipping and good packaging
Peterson Brass 260 Remington

260 R SRP

By David K. on Dec 25, 2019
After taking meticulous measurements of unforced brass, I am truly impressed. Consistency is on par or better than Lapua brass and you have the added benefits of the shipping container quality for reuse. Made in the USA and a better price tag. No one equals the value, period.

Peterson 260 SRP

By Derald M. on Apr 10, 2019
I bought 50, then another 50 a couple weeks later and I’m ordering another 50 to give me enough to shoot our F Class state championship. I’ve twice fired the 100 I have and all the pockets are still tight and the body isn’t stretching much at all. The BTSL new was several thousandth’s shorter than my chamber and it’s taken two firings to get them fully formed. I don’t see that as a bad thing though. The flash hole is very small and bent the pin on my Lee universal de-capper so I opened them up a little when I beveled the inside edge (even though it probably didn’t beveled). I noticed right away that my SD looked good even while fire forming. Group size at 500-1000 yards has left me very impressed, enough I’ve moved my Lapua LRP to second string.

Better than Lapua, does fine with fireforming

By Joseph A. on Mar 30, 2019
I tried this next to Peterson LRP, and Lapua. The Peterson LRP shows signs of pressure easily (flat primers and ejector ring marks) at as low as XX.X grains of H4350, while Lapua was kind of sort of flattened, and Petersen SRP was totally fine, up to XX grains of rl23. These were all fireforming loads to .260 Ackley, and the brass was fine.

Accuracy was hands down better than the LRP and Lapua, at .6" with cheaper Hornady 140 bthp match. Lapua and LRP did about an inch at best.

I'm buying more, and this is going to be my primary brass from now on.

Peterson .260 Rem Small Primer Brass

By Jim J. on Mar 17, 2019
Using this in my match rifle for 600 and 1000 yard competition. Outstanding quality. Just as good as Lapua brass. Comes in its own 50 round plastic ammo box, very nice feature. Will be buying more for .308 and 6mm BR.

Peterson 260 brass

By Richard C. on Jan 17, 2019
Good looking brass very well packaged. On par with Lapua brass.

Peterson Brass

By Michael S. on Jan 02, 2019
Recieved this brass quickly, packaging is superb. Brass all appears to be uniform and looks great. I don’t have the rifle finished yet so I can’t report on brass functionality but I have high hopes.

Rem 260 Brass

By Nicholas C. on Dec 24, 2018
Great brass, holds up well to higher pressure loads

Peterson brass

By Douglas K. on Oct 23, 2018
Excellent brass its tough and holds up very well and grafs is great as well my favorite vendor thanks.

Peterson Brass 260 Remington Small Primer

By Heath S. on Oct 19, 2018
Shooting in the Precision Rifle Series I'm always looking for ways to improve my group size. Using Peterson small rifle primer brass has allowed me to shrink my groups to 2.1" at 600yd. Compared to 3" groups at 600yd with large rifle primer Lapua brass. Weekend after weekend I'm consistently seeing better performance out of the Peterson small rifle primer brass.
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