Prvi Partizan Ammo 9.3x62 285gr SP 20 per box

Prvi Partizan Ammo 9.3x62 285gr SP 20 per box
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Product Information


This is loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 8 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.6 stars

Good clean ammo

By Charles O. on Jan 18, 2024
I haven't fired it yet, since I am getting some work done on my 9.3x62. But at first glance, it looks like decent ammo. There are some noticeable variations in seating depth even within each box (visible to the naked eye). While this probably won't make any difference on whitetails at normal hunting ranges, it's not the standard to which I am accustomed. I plan to use my inertial puller to pull all the ones I bought (120). Then I will redo the entire lot.

All around a great choice for this caliber

By Ronald T. on Jan 12, 2024
This round is a nice standard, go-to for this caliber. Affordable, low pressure, and decent brass for reloading. Its not Norma level, but it's accurate and consistent. PPU has always treated me right as far as affordable ammo goes, and this is no exception. Definitely worth it.

Low price, high quality

By Tom W. on Jul 25, 2023
I bought this ammo for practice rounds and it has been excellent.

Excellent accuracy

By Richard D. on Feb 24, 2023
Cannot wait for hunting season to start. At the range this is as accurate a round as I have ever shot, Holding 1 MOA with my rifle.

Quality at a bargain price

By Bradley M. on Nov 22, 2022
These may not have the high dollar price tag, but they perform excellent at the range. No issues whatsoever from these.

My go-to Africa practice round

By Dan M. on Sep 08, 2022
I use this ammo to stay in practice for Africa.

The actual muzzle velocity is quite close to the stated muzzle velocity.

The seating depths vary by +-0.005"

I'll keep buying this ammo.

Cannot go wrong with these!

By Scott C. on Mar 09, 2020
The price is excellent the accuracy is excellent they burn clean and since I reload i bought bullets for reloading this fine cartridge. The bullets they load would probably be light for African game but our deer elk bear and moose will only know that they were hit with a powerhouse.
The brass is top notch also. Have a shot out .3006?rebore it to this cartridge and be one up an the 35 Whelan and the. 338/06.
Trust me you won't be sorry.
Scott Compton, Nevada

Fine Hunting Ammunition

By RALPH H. on Sep 16, 2019
I purchased 2 more boxes to have in reserve and because I have had good success shooting and reloading this ammo for my 9.3x62. The low pressure permits many reloads. From a 22.5 inch barrel the velocity averaged 2305 with S.D. of 42. This computes to max PBR zero of 275 yards (5 inch vitals) and muzzle energy of about 3300 ft lbs. Using iron sights off-hand at 60 yards grouping about 3 inches using a sheet of cardboard with no bullseye. The powder they use burns clean and cartridges chamber and extract easily. These 285 gr soft-point bullets are old-fashioned cup and core with a sectional density of over 0.3 which with mild velocity penetrates well (7 water-filled gallon milk jugs), mushrooms and doesn't break up. At the price point and performance, these are easy to appreciate and I have used them in US for whitetail and for African plains game.
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