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The PR-50 powder measure represents our latest in the series of limited range "Competition" powder measures optimized with the precision rifleman in mind. The engineering target range was approx. 50-60 grains with the ideal use range extending from approx. 35 to 75 grains.

This powder measure uses all of the engineering features and knowledge gained from our other Competition powder measures.

All Competition Powder Measures use a special rotating operating handle which is slightly heavier to help you maintain a more uniform stroke.

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Built like a bank vault

By Kevin G. on Apr 20, 2020
This powder measure is serious. It’s seriously heavy, seriously well fitted, seriously precise. This is a whole different world from the cheaper aluminum bodied powder measures that I’ve owned in the past. Those other measures have served me very well....until the housings wore out and they lost their accuracy. This has an iron base and what appears to be a chrome plated cylinder. It’s wear resistant and smooth to prevent the measure from having a gritty feel. I’m impressed.

A few notes. Unless you have a shelf above your reloading bench where you plan to attach it, order the matching powder measure stand. The little bench edge bracket they include is very well built, but I think it would be frustrating to use. It will make it difficult to get a reloading tray full of cases under the measure. If you truly single load, you may not be concerned.

Second, this holds about enough powder for around 50 rounds of 308 (48 grains of ball powder) with just a few cases left over. I ordered the taller powder reservoir for it. That was a big help.

Third. The powder baffle is a bit high in the tube from the manufacturer. I found that when I poured powder into an empty measure it would compact the powder at the bottom and the first few charges would be a bit high (by a significant margin). So I would throw 5-10 charges to settle the powder first. I lowered the baffle in the tube and this seemed to help a bit. It’s still something to watch. And after each 50 rounds I refill the hopper which gives the powder time to settle from vibration as I load the powder below it. The initial powder compaction issue made it difficult to adjust at first. Set it close, throw 10 charges and then adjust it. It will keep you from going in circles.

It’s a great powder measure and better than anything else I’ve used in the last 20 years. Maybe this information will help someone avoid the initial headaches that I had with the first few powder charges. I’d certainly buy another, and I’m sure I’ll have a few more of these for other charge wrights soon.
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