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New 6th Edition Sierra Reloading Manual for Rifle & Handgun.

Read 9 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.4 stars

Sierra 6th edition manual

By Roger S. on Oct 11, 2020
There have been a few new powders and calibers developed since the old manual so I wanted an update. Will be using both new and old.Shipping was faster than I thought it would considering all that is going on.

Sierra 6th edition manual

By Ronald P. on Sep 25, 2020
I needed an up to date reloading manual and I use a lot of Sierra’s bullets so I thought this was the one to get. Looks to have a lot of updated info. Nice format and easy to navigate.

Great Reloading Manual

By Michael S. on Oct 20, 2019
Only disappointment is that I had an older manual that had data pages where you could use it as a log book. Sad that they cut these out. Bean counters strike again. Overall I am happy with the manual.

Sierra 6th edition reloading manual

By Dave L. on Oct 06, 2019
Thank for the fast delivery and great packing job.I love all of my Sierra manuals for their ease of use with the binder format allowing a chosen page to remain open. This 6th Edition includes load data for the latest powders, cartridges and Sierra bullets and according to my chronograph readings the results are as expected very accurate.

Reloading manual 4 stars

By James W. on Jul 23, 2019
Sierra's newest (6th edition) reloading manual has info on many of the latest cartridges out there. If you need data on reloading and new developed center fire cartridges, it is a good place to look. Why not 5 stars. Well a few older wildcats are not included, however they can be found in earlier Sierra reloading manuals.

Sierra 6th edition

By Al P. on Jul 07, 2019
Been waiting a long time for this and Graf got it here quickly. Many, many updates. Sierra is my go to bullet and the loads published for accuracy and hunting are nearly always spot on for my '06 and .270

Awesome new reloading manual

By David S. on Jul 06, 2019
Great information on reloading and lots of new features on New powders and new rifle cartridges! In my opinion it's the best manual to follow for reloading! The easiest manual is the Lyman's manual but not near the details that sierras manual has in it! Just wish they'd release more information more often!

New 6th Edition Sierra Reloading Manual

By John K. on Jul 05, 2019
Great product for a good price. I have several and have not been disappointed.

Sierra 6th edition manual

By Lew R. on Jul 03, 2019
Wish would have more powders that could be used. The binder had to be replaced the rings would not close all the way had to replace it so I would not lose any pages.
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