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The Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer quickly and precisely trims your brass to the correct length and simultaneously chamfers the inside and outside of the case mouth. No calipers, measurement or adjustment required. Simply install the appropriate quick trim die (sold separately) in your press and start trimming. A click adjustable stop allows trim length adjustment in .001 of an inch increments. Allows the user to shorten case to a uniform shorter length than standard, reducing trimming frequency. Includes snap on chip catcher.

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The fast and easy way to trim cases

By John T. on Aug 09, 2023
Easy to set up (with the appropriate trim die) and use. Better and faster than the file-trim dies and much faster than the mini-lathe type case trimmers that I've been using. I wish that I'd bought one of these 40 years ago!

Lee Quick Trim Deluxe

By MAJ (Ret) Joshua S. on Apr 03, 2023
A must have to make quick work of trimming cases that headspace on the chamber. Coupled with a quick trim die; this piece of kit made easy work of .30 M1 Carbine cases.

Any straight walled cartridge shooter must have this to ensure safety and accuracy!

Lee Quick Trim

By Craig W. on Feb 24, 2023
I have been using this product for years. Easy to set up, fast, accurate and relatively easy for an older re loader with arthritis to use. It can trim thousands of 5.56 cases before dulling.

great product

By Randall F. on Sep 03, 2020
This is the best trimmer you will ever get.
It brings you cases to the exact length you want. You can make them shorter with the twist of the ring so you do not have to trim every time if you like. I like. I can do about 8 cases a minute. I do not have to have power to run it. It also chamfers the entire case, inside and out. I used a standard sizer for years and hated it but I was shooting 458 Lott while it was still a wild cat so I had no option. This is the best there is.

The ONLY Way to Trim Cases

By Leon G. on Apr 01, 2020
The Lee Quick Trim Deluxe Case Trimmer system makes all previous trim tools obsolete.

I used the original Lee trimmer for years. It works, but it certainly is tedious and tiresome. When I began to reload Berdan cases, I had to get a lathe trimmer. The Forster trim tool has an excellent case holder, but it still requires tedious adjustment.

The Lee QT Deluxe makes trimming now fast, easy, and no longer the most dreaded task of reloading.

The Lee QT Deluxe trimmer takes care of trim, deburr and chamfer operations at the same time and effortlessly. I use a Forster CoAx press, but alongside it is a Lee Classic turret press. The turrets are populated with the various body dies I need. So after a case is resized,it immediately goes into the trim die in the adjacent turret press. I few turns of the crank, and the case is ready. It's that simple and easy.
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