Starline Brass 30-06 Springfield Unprimed Bag of 100

Starline Brass 30-06 Springfield Unprimed Bag of 100
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Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Starline 30-06 Springfield Brass

2.481 - 2.487 O.A.L.

The venerable 30-06 was adopted in 1906 for the 1903 Springfield service rifle for the U.S. Military. Since then, this utilitarian round has been chambered in an abundance of rifles in every action type. The 30-06 has been touted as one of the most versatile cartridges of all time due to the wide variety of projectiles available, and when the proper bullet is selected, the 30-06 is large enough to take on any game in the Western Hemisphere and almost anything in the Eastern Hemisphere.

This Starline Brass is bagged at Graf & Sons. This is not loaded ammunition.

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Starline is the best!

By Matthew S. on Nov 27, 2020
I love Starline brass for their price on brass. For general shooting and reloading, you simply cannot go wrong with this brand. I've reloaded hundreds of rounds for my M1 with this brass and needless to say it functions flawlessly. If you need some cheap plinking brass, get this!

Starline 06 brass

By George S. on Nov 27, 2020
Starline brass is always top notch in quality !! Great uniformity and a great price. And another stellar transaction with Graf and Sons !! Thank you

Starline Brass

By Dan W. on Nov 27, 2020
Always have had good luck with starline brass and the past 200 30-06 cases are all very good quality. Brass is uniform with no visible defects. Would recommend this brass to anyone not in need of Lapua level match brass.


By Erech E. on Oct 29, 2020
Brass body is more sturdy than other brand names. Heavy duty.

Good brass

By Victor M. on Oct 26, 2020
The brass was nice and uniform and I see no issues with them. Primer pockets were nice and tight. Good brass for the money.

Starline .30-06 Brass

By Randy W. on Jul 23, 2020
Love this brass. Zero initial defects found on 200 each .30-06 and .223. Can’t say the same of my recent experience with both Remington and FC. No wrinkles or scars to sort out and the flash holes look cleanly finished to the point that I see no reason to spend an hour de-buring them. I can’t speak to uniformity of weight, volume, or thickness as I don’t take my loading to that level.

I’ll be switching to Starline for all further new brass purchases.

Great stuff at this price point

starline 30/06 brass

By Ronald K. on May 06, 2020
best I have used
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