BERGER 6MM(.243)95gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-TGT) 100/bx

BERGER 6MM(.243)95gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-TGT) 100/bx
BERGER 6MM(.243)95gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-TGT) 100/bx
BERGER 6MM(.243)95gr HPBT BULLET (VLD-TGT) 100/bx
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Product Information

The VLD bullet is on the cutting edge of using bullet design for improved external ballistics. The VLD bullet is designed to provide less drop and drift than any bullet on the market today. This result makes the VLD an ideal choice for the medium to long-range target competition shooter. If you stand behind a shooter using a VLD bullet and watch the bullet's vapor trail you will see a flatter trajectory than with non-VLD bullets (assuming similar velocity). VLD bullets can shoot well at any OAL. If you do not achieve the accuracy level you are looking for by jumping a VLD bullet then you may find that your rifle will shoot VLDs more accurately if the bullet touches the rifling when the round is chambered. VLD bullets may need a little more tweaking than non VLDs but when they are working well they are tough to beat.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Outstanding Performance

By James W. on Nov 23, 2021
I'm having excellent results with this bullet in 6mm BR Norma 1-8 twist. Very wind resistant, very predictable performance. Lightly seated into the lands at 3070 FPS it's outperforming the Scenar. You can't go wrong with Berger's and Graf's.

Great bullet for my 6BR

By Mark S. on Sep 08, 2020
Bergers are the best. Their 80gr FB Target shoots a half inch in my Savage 6BR. I have not been able to get another companies 105gr to shoot well, a buddy suggested I try these 95gr Bergers. I loaded his recommended load just to see if it would get close to shooting, backed off the lands and grooves by 0.018 and my 200 yard 10 round test group shot a .972 group or a .486 MOA. Pretty outstanding, now I've got to see if I can improve that but I'm not too confident of that. It's a great bullet, like all Bergers
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