Peterson Brass 280 Ackley Improved Unprimed Box of 50

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Peterson Brass 280 Ackley Improved Unprimed Box of 50
Peterson Brass 280 Ackley Improved Unprimed Box of 50
Peterson Brass 280 Ackley Improved Unprimed Box of 50
Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

All Peterson Cartridge casings come in one of their plastic ammo boxes.

Made in the U.S.A.


Warning: Only use Peterson Cartridge Co. casings in firearms in good condition, designed, marked, and chambered for this cartridge. Do not use Peterson Cartridge Co casings for “fire forming” or any other purpose other than what they were designed and tested for. Peterson retains no responsibility for the enclosed casings if they are used outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This is not loaded ammunition.

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Peterson 280 AI brass

By John M. on Aug 07, 2020
Excellent brass. Consistent weight and necks very uniform. On par or better than Nosler brass and less expensive. Better brass than Norma 280 (which has to be fire formed to AI).
I gave it 4 stars because the necks are not as consistent as their .308 brass.

The New Measuring Stick for Brass

By Benjamin H. on Jul 26, 2020
I bought a Kimber 280AckImp. I decided that I would give Nosler Brass a chance since I'd heard great things and Nosler and Hornady was the only virgin brass options. I wasn't pleased with the quality of the Nosler.
I was very pleased when I was browsing through Grafs and saw Peterson was offering 280AI brass. I had heard great things about Peterson and let me say Peterson lives up to the hype.
First, every box of 50 comes packed in a quality 50rd reusable ammo box with foam to keep each piece of brass from jostling around. Every primer flash hole is very uniform, neat properly head stamped case heads, annealed case necks, and none of my brass was dented or out of round in any way. I weighed each piece and out of the 50 pieces there was no more than .7 grs of variation. I call that consistency and uniform. This brass is in my opinion better than Lapua and those are some tough shoes to fill. In short, Peterson has raised the bar by which all brass should be measured and to top it all off, it's made in AMERICA. Thanks to Peterson for your ever growing selection of first rate products and thanks to Grafs for carrying Peterson products.

Peterson 280ai brass

By Warren S. on Jul 08, 2020
Excellent consistancy. All cartridge weights within 1 grain

Excellent Brass

By Patrick V. on Jun 25, 2020
Have a semi-custom 280 AI that I was struggling with load development. All components were similar to my other rifles (bullets, powders, primers, etc) but the Nosler brass. I run either Lapua or Starline in my other rifles and while the Nosler was nice there was something different enough to make me want to look for a substitute. After almost a year I was happy to see Peterson offer 280 AI brass.

Quality is easily on par with Lapua with the best packing in the industry (ships in 50 round cartridge boxes). Cases were significantly heavier than Nosler and the first box of fifty all easily chambered in my rifle. I had to run the Nosler through a Redding body die to get the same result. Flash holes were very uniform and primers seated nice and snug.

Loaded all fifty with a mild load of IMR 7828 SSC to fire form with the 150gr ELD-X and loaded standard COL and ended up with the best groups I've had with the rifle.

Any product that is less expensive and superior to the benchmark gets my business every time.
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