HORNADY 30c (.308) 110gr CX BULLET 50/BX

HORNADY 30c (.308) 110gr CX BULLET 50/BX
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Product Information

30 Cal .308 110 gr CX™

The CX™ (Copper alloy eXpanding) bullet from Hornady represents the most advanced monolithic hunting bullet on the market. Its optimized design offers extended range performance, greater accuracy, high weight retention, and deep penetration.

  • MONOLITHIC COPPER ALLOY BULLET:  One-piece copper alloy won't separate and delivers devastating terminal performance, deep penetration, and 95% weight retention.
  • HEAT SHIELD® TIP:  The Heat Shield® Tip is made of a heat resistant polymer that resists aerodynamic heating and provides a consistently high BC for the bullet's entire flight path. The Heat Shield® tip also gives the bullet a perfect meplat (tip) for bullet-to-bullet and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • OPTIMUM GROOVE GEOMETRY:  The grooves on the CX™ bullet maximize aerodynamic performance while effectively reducing bearing surface and fouling.
  • NONTRADITIONAL OPTION FOR LARGE GAME:  Fully California compatible and appropriate for use in other areas that require nontraditional bullets, CX™ provides a great option for everything from medium-size to large game.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Technical Notes

CALIBER:  30 Cal .308"





APPLICATION:  Medium Game 50-300 lbs


ITEM #:  301914

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HORNADY 30c (.308) 110gr CX BULLET 50/BX

By Rick B. on Oct 19, 2022
In theory the CX looks like and has all the makings of a great 110 gr. no-lead bullet for my 300 WSM. I purchased these to try as I really liked the Hornady 110 gr. V-Max which I was easily able to achieve sub MOA's at 100 yds. and single digit SD's with the same hunting rifle.
Hornady has NO load data for the new CX. Why they would release a new bullet without any load data is incomprehensible to me. Hence the three stars. I'm still in load development mode using Barnes load data for the 110 gr. TTSX FB (which I had great results with but was unable to find) using Varget which was the powder I used to develop the V-Max load. So far the only way to get down into single digit SD's was to load at just over .020 off the lands with a COL of 2.97. Unfortunately they will not feed from the clip. So it's a single shot cartridge. Before SD's were mid 20's and higher. That's not all the bullets fault I'm sure so now I'm working up another load with 8208XBR. This is NOT unusual in load development to try different powders as you know but it is irritating that Hornady has zero load data for these bullets. And now the cost of powder/primers, if you can find them, is horrible. It makes me wonder why Hornady would develop a bullet and not test it and release the load data. Just boggles the mind. So back to the loading bench.
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