LAPUA 303(.310) 200gr FMJ BULLET BOAT-TAIL 100/bx

LAPUA 303(.310) 200gr FMJ BULLET BOAT-TAIL 100/bx
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Product Information

Lapua´s accuracy is world renowned with numerous records in international shooting competitions. Consistent quality that starts with the best raw materials makes this possible. Lapua bullets are practically handmade resulting in results that are second to none. This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Technical Notes

Ballistic Coefficient: 0.448


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D166 200 gr. Bullets. Outstanding Quality Control!

By David C. on Feb 05, 2020
These are the original D166 bullets for the Finn Mosin-Nagant rifles, especially for the M39. I bought these for a Finn M-N 1891 sniper rifle and still working up the load. N140 and Varget hold promise. My review is to make know the QC on the weights of these bullets. Weighing 485 bullets, here is the distro results: 200.6gr 10.5%; 200.7gr. 27.8%; 200.8gr. 36.7%; 200.9gr. 17.9%; outliers (200.3-200.5gr & 201.0-201.1gr.) 7%. If you use the mean of 200.8gr. and allow a 0.1gr. variance, 82.4% are in this range. For precision shooting over 300 yds., this is useful to know. FYI: On YouTube, Iraq8888 has a great review and reloading data using this projectile.

M39 - Best Bullet!

By Eric S. on Jan 21, 2020
This is the bullet to make D166 Bullets for a M39.

You can tune this round to the stock iron sights.

Unique Stepped Boat Tail Bullet

By Leon G. on Oct 17, 2019
The bullet illustrated here is not quite correct for the D166. It has the unique Lapua stepped boat tail. (You can get a better idea of the actual shape by looking at the Lapua 185 gr .308 bullet, which is the D46 in Finland. ) The 200 gr D166 also has a crimp groove.

The stepped boat tail design provides much better sealing - reduces or eliminates blow by - in a worn barrel. It works like a flat base FMJ but still provides the ballistic efficiency of a standard boat tail.

This bullet mikes to .3095" at its major diameter just behind the crimp groove. As the other reviewers have pointed out, this is the definitive bullet for the Finnish M39 or the M28/76 match target rifle built on an M39 barreled action.

D166 as stated. Great in a Finn Mosin

By Zachary S. on May 01, 2019
I have a couple Finns and these are the most accurate I have found.

The absolute best for the M39

By Paul B. on Aug 26, 2018
I have tried several other bullets for my Finnish M39, but the D166 Lapua are by far the best. I can easily hold 1.5 in. groups at 100 yds. all day with these, whereas other makers give me at best 2.5-3 in. groups. So glad Graf got more of these in....

D166 310 200gr bullets, best you can get for a Mosin

By Chad S. on Aug 24, 2018
I love to get all the accuracy I can out of a M39 Finnish Mosin and these bullets are just the thing. IMR4350 powder and these go well together. N140 if you can get it!
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