Kano Kroil Penetrant Oil/Bore Solvent Aerosol 16.5oz

Kano Kroil Penetrant Oil/Bore Solvent Aerosol 16.5oz
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Loosen frozen metal parts the professional way, with Kroil Original Penetrant in aerosol (formerly AeroKroil) formula. Discover why this is the best penetrating oil to loosen bolts in various applications.

When it comes to freeing corroded items in tough spaces, nothing rivals powerful, industry-proven Kroil penetrating oil. Used and trusted by pros and experienced DIYers alike since 1939, Kroil quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts, frees frozen shafts, pulleys, and more. No space is too tight to reach, thanks to Kroil’s ability to penetrate the smallest opening, thread or crevice. Corrosion meets its match, as Kroil removes and prevents rust, cleans and lubricates, and displaces moisture.

  • ATTACKS CORROSION:  Frees bolts, fasteners and other mechanical components
  • REMOVES RUST AND CARBON DEPOSITS:  Will not attack or damage metal
  • PENETRATES FASTER:  Penetrates quicker and deeper than similar products
  • PENETRATES DEEPER:  Penetrates the smallest spaces, threads and openings
  • WORKS EVERYWHERE:  Use on any corroded threads or tight parts
  • SIMPLIFIES REPAIRS:  Makes the toughest maintenance jobs easier, faster and safer to execute

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Kroil Penetrant

By Gary D. on Oct 06, 2023
This Penetrant is the best stuff I have ever used for freeing up anything that is stuck or frozen. The foot brake pedal on my old 4 wheeler had froze up pretty tight you could move it back and forth with your hand but the spring wouldn't pull it back. I tried several sprays on it to no avail. I sprayed Kroil on it within 10 minutes it had freed up. The return spring could pull the pedal back to the correct position. It works great on muffler clamps and stuff that is rusted tight. It will clean the powder fouling out of your rifles and shotguns with ease. GREAT STUFF
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