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Product Information

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928 and today produces over 350 types of rifle, pistol , revolver and small arms ammunition. Prvi Partizan bulk bullets feature a lead core and copper jacket. Imported from Serbia. This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 19 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.4 stars

pulled bullets ?

By Donald H. on Apr 22, 2023
At a close inspection, all the bullets seem to have 2 lines around where the crimp would be(not cannelure). I haven't shot them yet but I also purchased 2 other types and these don't have the same issue.

ppu 6.5x55

By Chris H. on Feb 23, 2023
great price and fast shipping from Graf & Sons.

great accuracy

By Glen S. on Feb 06, 2023
These bullets feed smoothly and give great accuracy in my little 6.5X55 AI Sauer. Another plus is the fast shipping service that Grafs manage to give.


By Craig A. on Oct 24, 2022
I find PPU components of good quality at reasonable price and typically with very good availability, especially for less popular calibers. Graf and PPU are typically my go-to source for what I need. Have yet to be disappointed. These particular bullets reloaded well and provided solid accuracy out of my Swedish Mausers- certainly more than sufficient for my shooting. As expected, a little less accurate out of Carcanos given the little extra room and quality of barrel/ rifle, but certainly sufficient for fun at the range and most importantly- available.


By Rocky L. on Sep 02, 2022
My opinion, great reloading products. Preformed identical to hornady and when at the range shot the PRVI right through the same holes of the hornady components. I have complete confidence in this company.

Tried as a sub

By George F. on Apr 19, 2022
I could not find any 130 or 140 gr 264 hunting bullets and run across these. I normally use Sierra game king but could not find any so I tried these as a sub.
6.5/06 , sighted them in 3 holes touching at 200 yards, I thought wow almost as good as the Sierra TGK. I Had 2 elk tags for the same unit and when I found a heard 3rd day of season, I ranged them at 463 yards. I busted the lead cow in the neck and folded her in her tracks, when the heard started milling around lost , it gave me time to pick out a big cow and pop her in the lungs she went face plant and rolled into the brush in front of her on the run.
The second cow was a complete pass through but the lead cow I found the bullet mushroomed just right on the exit side in the hide. Pretty impressive bullets for the price. I would not know how they preform in 6.5 pop guns but in the 6.5/06 and the 6.5/win short mag they shoot and kill very efficiently.
I'd buy again.

6.5mm Prvi Bullet 139 SPBT

By Patrick B. on Mar 18, 2022
I bought a bag (100) of the Prvi bullet 6.5mm (bag marked as .263 dia.). Stock # PPB264SP139. When I checked them with my micrometer they measured as .261" dia. and just slipped down the inside neck of a 6.5x55mm case, that was ready for reloading. I'd sized my new brass cases in my RCBS reloading dies. I've had them for 40 years and they have never given me an issue. When the bullets just "fell" out of my sized cases, that's when I checked the size of the bullets. I've never had this issue before. This PPU bullet bag is Lot # 21001

6.5 139 gr spbt

By Mike F. on Oct 27, 2021
i shot 3 loads with 3 diffrent manufactors of brass 308 to 6.5 creedmoor with IMR 4350 all 3 shot 1" groups at 100 yds from a CZ rifle what more could you want for the price works for me o & it kills deer

Great option for 6.5 Creedmoor

By Sammy R. on Oct 18, 2021
I can honestly say that these are an excellent choice for the 6.5 Creedmoor. I used Varget powder and slowed it down to approx 2400 fps and these are excellent for use on southern whitetail. Solid impact with mass expansion gets the job done and you dont have to trail your game like the faster stuff. Would give them 5 stars for knockdown and 5 stars for maintained accuracy. An excellent choice.

Undersize and Large variation in weights...

By G S. on Jan 31, 2021
I have no issue with Graf&Sons-their shipping was prompt and everything arrived in good shape.

I will not be ordering these bullets again. Even though the bag is labeled 0.264 Inch diameter, they mic out much closer to 0.239 and in a random sample of 10 bullets the weight varied by about 8 tenths of a grain.

I hope they work in a different rifle because the first one I tried them in resulted in a 6" pattern at 100 yds from the first rifle I used them in, compared to a 1.2inch group with some pulled Federal Fusions (open sights).


By Seamus H. on Jan 01, 2021
Look forward to reloading my 6.5 Grendel and 6.5x55 with this ppu bullet. I have never had any issues with ppu products.

Good Creedmoor hunting bullets and Heavy Grendel bullets

By Eric G. on Nov 12, 2020
Good bullets for the price.

fair deal

By Art P. on Oct 05, 2020
/reasonably priced promptly shipped

ppu bullets

By Christopher H. on Sep 30, 2020
always satisfied with PPU

.263 139gr SPBT

By Keith M. on May 12, 2020
I use these in my Swede Mauser, Good accuracy at 100 yards. Did shoot a few deer with great results. Will absolutely purchase again.

Great bullet, great price

By Brad L. on Dec 10, 2019
These give great accuracy and performance in my twins 6.5mm Swedes. They have accounted for 3 elk, 2 deer, 1 antelope. All with a single shot each. I have been using them in reloads for 10 years.

Great bullet

By Michael F. on Oct 25, 2018
It's all up to me, but the bullet will get 1/2 moa out of my 6.5 ms..

Drop in replacement.

By Jack U. on Nov 28, 2016
Item # PPB264SP139 Is a drop in replacement for the old and no longer produced Hornady 140gr round nose.

long boat lail

By Alex T C. on Feb 01, 2015
The bullet has a long boat tail making it unsuitable for seating out for long throated Swedes. At 80mm COL the neck has very little bearing surface in contact with the bullet. It may be fine for other applications.
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